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Homemade potato salad garnished with red onion, crisp lettuce and a baby plum tomato in the smaller box.
Wholewheat-breaded fishsticks on brown rice, a yellow tomato slice, broccoli tossed in sesame oil and a slice of pomegrenade in the bigger box.

There’s another reason for the title than just the fishsticks, I wonder if anyone can spot it… (hint: I was rather tired when I made this bento x.x)

BF gets the same in a square HK box:

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Bento #130

I had some nice, traditional bento ingredients prepared since yesterday…
…but then I had absolutely NO appetite for them at all.
I’ll post a healthy, proper bento another day, promise!

This one contains crispy fishsticks in a tortilla wrap with salad, pickles, aioli and ketchup, salad hearts, a few curly fries leftover from dinner, some grapes and a cherry tomato. Not shown: bottle of balsamico vinegar for the salad (I like my salad iwth just vinegar, no oil).
Fish and fries are oven-baked from frozen.

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Salmon teriyaki with vegetable stirfry and steamed rice, tomato and pea sprouts decoration.

I make my teriyaki sauce myself with Mirin and Japanese soysauce in about equal amounts, a spoonful of honey (I think orange blossom honey would be phantastic! I have to get me some to try) and fresh crushed garlic and ginger. Instead of marinating, I just ovenbake the salmon in the sauce, drizzling it with sauce every now and then while the rice cooks. Today, I also baked a small red onion, chopped into eights, together with the salmon – it was delicious! Will have to try more vegetables.

The vegetables are red onion, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant and sugar snap peas that were simply woked in a bit of neutral oil (with a drop of sesame oil added for taste; if I only use sesame oil it will get too hot and start smoking) to preserve their individual tastes. The only spices added are fresh chopped chili and a bit of salt – the BF says that glazing them with the teriyaki sauce would have been nice, but I wanted to make a counterpoint to the intense salmon and the rice which will be dipped in the sauce. Oh well, tastes differ.

There is no fruit or dessert – in fact the amount of fruit in my bentos has gone down quite a bit since I took up bentoing again. This has a reason – my new work has been providing me and my colleagues with a delicious fruit basket every morning to increase our energy! Since I’m now a contractor and no longer work in the office though, I might have to add fruit again. For now, I am making do with fruit smoothies for a commuter’s breakfast every morning – I’ll be reporting on my success with them very soon!


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Something simple, but nice. The rice mix is the same as before, but a new batch – I ran out of jasmine rice to mix it with, therefore this batch is darker.
The salmon is simply sprinkled with salt and lemon pepper and grilled on a foreman grill. So is the asparagus (timesaving, right?). Tomato salad with red onions, olive oil, white wine vinegar and basil. Hollandaise from a packet.

Dessert (not very easy to see here) is the last of the pumpkin pie, a few peanuts and some sticks of sugared ginger. And a konpeitou.

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