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Bento #236

There we go, long hiatus but now it’s two in a row!
Just something quick and cobbled together, but nice anyway: Leftover Bulgur and cherry tomatoes from the vine in the small box, Ajvar, broccoli, hardboiled egg, pieces of veggie burger and (because I ran out of ingredients and had lots of space left) half a banana chocolate muffin in the big box.

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Bento #235

I have a few more boxes that might be postworthy lined up, but I just can’t get myself to blog very much recently.

For a nice midsummer picknick – mushroom and zucchini quiche, homegrown cherry tomatoes and sugar peas, and bulgur.

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Happy midsummer!

And a few random summery pictures for you:

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Yes… I need to update more often, sorry :(

It’s simple, but here’s the blog post that reminded me to make this more often.

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