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Back! And weird fruit

Back from Austria, where I took photos of a nice conservatory.
I might be posting more photos later, but for now have a weird fruit:

A mutated citrus fruit in which the wedges do not connect at the bottom, but grow each their own peel. It’s called “Buddha’s hand” in its native India (I think).

I wonder how it tastes…?

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Love is…

…actually sharing those ripe, luscious strawberries. In November.

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Now that’s more like it. Same ingredients as this box, but much more bento-like!
One big box for me and one small for the bf, who isn’t a big breakfaster either.

Breakfast for today. The theme was “red” since I was planning to give blood. And they moved the bloodbus date under my nose again! Hrmph. Oh well, at least I have a reason to make smoothies and breakfast next week as well!
Big box: Rye bread with baba ghanoush and carrots, corn “flowers” (I do feel rather flattered by the practice of cutting cornflowers becoming so common on Bentolunch these days, seeing as I started it there), grape tomatoes and pear slices.
Small box: Mini banana muffins (thriftily made in fastfood condiment containers!), chocolate covered coffee beans, more pear, grapes and a frozen strawberry.

The BF has been experimenting with the blender ever since we bought the food processor and is pampering me with fresh fruit smoothies. Wow! I call that service! Mmm, icy delicious orange and strawberry smoothie for breakfast before going to work, and bento when my stomach is able to take solid food at work!

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Pears are worth a post too.

The good fruit fairy, who has in late summer put bags of freshly-ripened apples next to our mailbox, has returned – only this time the bag was full of pears!
I am somewhat ashamed of my childish squee over them. I guess while I never regarded them as something special they somehow are – rarer than apples, and even though I have weighed the thought of buying some in the supermarket for the last few weeks, I somehow haven’t managed to.

Those pears are delicious. Like the apples, they seem to be of the gardengrown variety – small and with a lot of taste, little sugar.
The peel is thick, almost leathery. I can pull half a millimeter of it off the soft flesh with mt fingers. The flesh itself is bright white, dripping juicy and soft with ripeness – supermarket pears are hard and crunchy, not properly soft at all! It crumbles and melts on my tongue as the juice runs down my chin (I feel sloppy, but that’s part of the experience, much as with nectarines and melons).

When I lived on campus, one of my neighbours got goosebumps from the texture of pear flesh on her tongue. She couldn’t explain why – it was just a funny neural connection.
I don’t get goosebumps, but I thoroughly enjoy the pear anyway. I think I’m going to snatch a few more before they are all gone…

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