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Greek salad with herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes from the windowsill, feta, cucumber, and black olives.

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When just randomly picking a bunch of lettuces, herbs and veg from my windowsill looks this good…

…it calls for a nice salad with mozzarella, balsamico vinaigrette and a lovely glass of white wine to round it off, right?


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New bento coming later today, I forgot to upload the picture this morning ^^;
In the meanwhile, have a status update of this spring’s plants and flowers!

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Bento #341

I made this one for a picknick on the easter weekend already, but I forgot to get the pictures from my camera until now.

Mini quiche, homegrown rucola and radish, babybel cheese, carrot flowers and some easter candy on a bed of polished Dinkel wheat.

This bento contained the first of our homegrown radishes! It’s not actually a problem to grow root vegetables in a bucket on your windowsill. As long as you can keep the cat out of them! *mumbles at her vegetable-crushing kitten*

There’s another post coming later, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Bento #305

Something quick from the freezer stash prepared this weekend: Mini quiche, onigiri, cucumber, celery and the flower containers (aren’t they adorable?) have peanut butter and raisins for the veggies.


Gardening news!

I’m growing something new on my windowsill this year! Anybody want to hazard a guess what this lovely flower will grow into?

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Gardening update, 2009-08-02

(At least) One of the seeds we planted from Donatello‘s harvest last year has now gotten chilies itself.
They don’t look like Donatello. They aren’t even approximately conical, but remain short round knobs. Also, they start out orange, then become dark purple later.

…we have a Michelangelo.


* I never learned the colours of the Ninja Turtles when I was a kid because I thought they were interchangeable just like Huey, Dewey and Louie (Tick, Trick and Track in German). I had to look it up on Wiki to see what I should name them.
** It’ll be a while before I can breed a blue chili, I fear…

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I drew this comic last year, when he was just growing.

Now Donatello is a lovely bush, and has some children of its own:

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We’ve been away over the really hot days this weekend. Luckily, we have self-watering pots for all our vegetables, so we didn’t need to rely o a neighbour to come and water our plants.
This greeted us when we came home:

The type of cherry tomato that yielded this lovely bunch is called “Tiny Tim”. They don’t grow too high, don’t need pruning and yield fantastically. A perfect plant for windowsill farming! I think we’ll be using this one exclusively next year.

Sadly, some of the chilies seemed to have gotten too much sun despite plenty of water and dried out. But I have a nice palette of chilies anyway:

I got a whole bowl of Jalapeños that ripened before the plants died. I’ll have to do some emergency pickling and freezing tonight before we go away on vacation again! (No, not freezing the pickles. :D)
(Yes, yes, that’s my acrylics paint palette with dried-in paint on it. I thought it made a fun contrast. :D)

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Mm… there’s not really anything that beats food grown in your own home. Jalapeños, cherry tomatoes, rucola and basil, all homegrown. (Bought the mozarella and the baguette, due to a certain lack of buffalo around here and being out of flour :) )

I have a few old-ish pictures to post too, so keep an eye out for more stuff coming soon. I’m not dead, just not very inspired recently. Hope this changes soon!

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Why, hello there…

…little Pisum sativum, commonly known as sugar pea.

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