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Bento #317

Going on another work-related travel tomorrow, so I didn’t want to spend too much time on cooking. The main attraction of this one is therefore bought – chili cheese tops from McDonalds.
Then there’s couscous, carrot flowers, homegrown rucola and cherry tomatoes, and some sundried tomatoes for extra flavour.
Now I just shouldn’t forget my small fork that goes with that box and I’ll be fine…!

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Today’s bento: Bulgur, figs, steamed vegetables and a bell pepper stuffed with yoghurt-feta dip.

Something less interesting from last week, when my mojo was low and I just made something to take to work: Pasta with a quick hot and sweet tomato sauce, crumbled feta and some basil oil and parsley on top.

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Bentos #313 and #314

Veggie maki rolls with cucumber, leek, wasabi, mayo and carrot, bottle of soy sauce, inarizushi, Tamagoyaki and more cucumber. Some dried fruit is tucked in the corner for dessert under the carrot flower decoration.

And the one from Friday, which wasn’t so interesting…
Pumpkin cream soup in the thermos jar. Bread and veggie sticks, apple bunnies and some dried fruit in the extra container.

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Bento #312

Bento for a long-ish train trip at work tomorrow – homemade rosemary ciabatta sandwiches with creamcheese-feta mix, sundried tomatoes, lettuce and cherry tomato, potato croquettes, cherry tomato and carrot decoration. Flower pick for picking up the croquettes.

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