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Bento #285

Quite a simple bento today… (I have a cold… Meh.)
Pasta, caponata made with baby eggplants from the Asian supermarket (brinjals), asparagus and rosemary decoration.

I tried Brinjals in curry before, but not in European dishes. From a try last night I’d say… interesting.
The taste is there, but the texture is quite different, lots of tiny seeds. It’s a bit of a surprise feeling them on your tongue the first time. But we’ll see how it works at lunchtime!

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Bento #284

Leftover potato tortilla, a demented looking apple bunny, cherry tomato and roasted mixed bell peppers with balsamico vinegar in the foreground.
Couscous with a cherry tomato and nigella seeds in the background. (you can’t see it, but there are sundried tomatoes mixed in with the couscous as well.)

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Bento #283

Big box: Potato tortilla on lettuce, cherry tomato decoration.
Small box: Broccoli, carrot chips, ajvar and mayo, olives and avocado.

BF gets the same in the square HK box.

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Bento #282

Some random leftovers from dinner. Can you tell it’s Friday?
Foreground: Something coleslaw-ish with lettuce, chinese cabbage, celery, sesame seeds and a yoghurt-mayo dressing; carrot chips, potato wedges and a cherry tomato.
Background: Stirfried random() (peppers, apple and leek with oregano and chili), chocolate, fried marinated tofu on lettuce and another tomato.
My camera’s still behaving so it’s rather blurry. Meh.

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Bento #281

I got bored of rice bentos…
Spinach and feta rolls, potato croquettes, cherry tomatos (which are somewhat on the orange side :P), rolled up carrot slices, broccoli, lettuce and a bottle of dressing.
Weird Japanese strawberry chocolate candy as dessert. :)

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Bento #280

Small box: Rice with sesame and a cherry tomato.
Big box: Abura-age (fried tofu), celery, cherry tomatoes, mangold with soy sauce, pickled chiles and cucumbers and tamagoyaki slices.

BF’s bento has the same, just in a bigger box.
And before anyone asks: He doesn’t mind the box being pink. Or the food being cute.

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Bento #279

Spinach and Feta rolls , fried mixed bell peppers with balsamico vinegar, rice and a cherry tomato. Lettuce.

This is the BF’s bento – mine was prettier, I thought, but I absolutely didn’t manage to take a photo of it in anything resembling useful lighting. I don’t know, sometimes the camera just don’t wanna. Or I did something wrong with the white balance. Or something. :P

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Bento #278

Falafel, yoghurt with chives, homemade pickled chili, carrot stars, carrot and potato chips and cherry tomatoes in the big box. Mixed rice with a cherry tomato in the small box.

We bought a mini-friteuse as our christmas present to ourselves! It’s awesome. I’ve always been worried about deepfrying and fatty food, but if you use it right, the food doesn’t take up much fat at all – and it doesn’t smell either. (The latter is important if you have a small apartment.)
I’ll be writing up the falafel recipe later, as well!

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Ushering in the new year – and after all this holiday food and candy I had a HUGE craving for a big, green salad!
So I stuffed the thermos section of my thermos box full of lovely green lettuce, carrots and sundried tomato strips. The little marmelade jar holds French vinaigrette.
The other box has somewhat more nutritious spelt and a few pieces of Halloumi, and some parsley and cherry tomatoes as decoration.

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