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A very happy First of Advent to you.

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Bento #323

I forgot to post this bento last week…
Stirfried Halloumi, bell pepper, leek and zucchini on lettuce in the foreground (leftover from a tortilla dinner). Cherry tomatoes, some sundried tomatoes, a chocolate and a container of taco sauce on the side. Wholewheat Bulgur with a Rucola leaf in the background.

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Big layer: Black rice on a bed of white rice (just black rice is a bit boring to chew, I think) with a black cat in a full moon cutout.
Small layer: vegetable stirfry, some cherry tomatos and sugar snaps.

BF’s box: (I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better)

Late Halloween bento? Maybe, but that’s not the only reason!
First, the cat cutter was sent to me by my stepsister who wanted to see the result in a bento of course :) Thank you! I’ll use the other two cutters soon as well, promise!

Second, we have a new family member!

Isn’t he just adorable? I’d say something about being so cute I could just eat him but that would be cruel. :)

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