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I’m feeling the winter blues, but luckily christmas time is approaching with huge steps! Going to be away next week again, and on a seminar the week after. In the meanwhile, I’ll probably post my food photo backlog, just so the blog isn’t completely deserted.

While you’re here, check out the great article Nupur posted on The Daily Tiffin: Brightening the Winter Blues.
As someone living in Scandinavia, I tell you this advice is worth solid gold!

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Love is…

…actually sharing those ripe, luscious strawberries. In November.

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Long time no bento… I’ve been away too much. I barely eat at home these days – no leftovers, so no bentos! Since I will be going to an interview tomorrow at lunchtime and have no lunch break, though, I had a reason to prepare one!

This one contains leftovers from a tapas meal I made tonight. Starting with the upper corner and spiraling clockwise:

  • grilled wholewheat bread slices with garlic and butter
  • a tomato rose
  • a “ducky” (well, at least to me) of chili cheese tops (bought frozen)
  • mushrooms glazed with balsamico
  • cheese cubes
  • green melon
  • ovenbaked potato wedges and another tomato
  • ovenbaked striped eggplant (sadly the pretty white and purple stripes faded soemwhat in the oven)
  • organic feta cubes (organic feta is very recommendable! MUCH better than the normal one of the same brand.)
  • corn, pineapple and leek salad in the middle

This bento sadly lacks a lot of colour. Since I have been away so long, all the nice stuff in my fridge has spoiled. Curse you, short-notice travelling! But there were always fresh herbs, chilies and spices from my windowsill to the rescue :) Thyme, rosemary, red banana chilies and thai basil adorn this bento!

Things I learned:
Oven-baked eggplant is low-fat and delicious. And fast! It was done much quicker than I expected. I just cut the eggplant into cubes, salted them, sprayed it with chili-infused olive oil from my spray bottle and put them on the sheet with the potatoes. Done in a few minutes and much less hassle than frying them! Wow!
Organic is sooo worth it. I’m increasing the percentage of organic and fairtrade foods on my shopping list – the supermarket helps me with this by marking them on my receipt and giving me the total amount spent on organic food in a separate post. In this lunchbox the organic foods are: the cheese tops, mushrooms, potatoes, feta and leek. Not sure about the melon (didn’t buy it), the cheese and the toast (wholewheat does not automatically mean organic). And technically my herbs are organic too, since the original herb plants I bought were and I only gave them love, earth and water :)

I have a few more posts to write up. But I am doing NaNoWriMo this November! Since blogging isn’t helping my wordcount, it’ll just have to wait. :)

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I’m not dead yet

I haven’t been home for more than crashing to sleep in over two weeks now. Bentos will resume once I get my life back from work-related travel.

In the meanwhile, have a link to Free Rice, an amazing initiative to end both world hunger and secondary illiteracy.

See you later! *waves*

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