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Continuing the Tux theme with a Ninja Tux (hiding in front of a black background)!
Since I think that cheese on rice or Nori is weird, Tux is actually made out of omelette. First I split two eggs and made an egg-sheet out of the whites, then I blended the yolks and the leftover white and made some more with the yellow part. Worked pretty well, and I even have some left over for the next bento!
Details are nori.

Together with the rice I’ll have fishsticks, half an avocado, cherry tomatos and there’s also a fishy bottle with ketchup for the fishsticks. (This is actually the BF’s box – mine was smaller and the avocado didn’t look so fresh in it. But it’s still tasty, so everything is fine.)

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Bento #130

I had some nice, traditional bento ingredients prepared since yesterday…
…but then I had absolutely NO appetite for them at all.
I’ll post a healthy, proper bento another day, promise!

This one contains crispy fishsticks in a tortilla wrap with salad, pickles, aioli and ketchup, salad hearts, a few curly fries leftover from dinner, some grapes and a cherry tomato. Not shown: bottle of balsamico vinegar for the salad (I like my salad iwth just vinegar, no oil).
Fish and fries are oven-baked from frozen.

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