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Bento #351

Vegetarian Burritos stuffed with beans, nuts and chili, brown rice, some homegrown herbs and rucola and two strawberries for dessert.
This should get me through Friday!

PS: I added a recipe to yesterday’s post since I had a few people mentioning they never had mushroom pie. Here you go then!

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Bento 2^2^2^2

Not really happy with this – the decoration is more to hide the uninteresting food than it is to embellish it. (I really, really, really need to go grocery shopping now. Ugh. I even ran out of PASTA last night! That hasn’t happened in ages!)
The last of the chili sin carne from the freezer under carrot and cheese flowers, parsley, homegrown cherry tomatoes, the last two lentil balls, a fudge candy, and fried potato slices as the carb.

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Bento #181

Big box (top): Millet and chili sin carne decorated with parsley. Millet is actually rather tasty, but not very different from couscous texture and flavour-wise. Mmm.
Small box (bottom): Tiny croquettes on picks decorated with oregano; mini chocolate chip muffin (made in a condiment cup with a tiny amount of muffin dough), star-shaped carrots and a cup of tsatsiki.

BF’s bento is a bit more playful – he has a starfish of chili on a beach of couscous (ran out of millet), croquette pebbles and tiny carrot starfish :)

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Homemade tortillas (half corn-, half wheatflour) filled with woked veggies, salsa, greek yoghurt, orange grated cheddar and a few leaves of fresh cilantro.
Cherry tomatoes and sugarpeas on the side and a silicon muffin cup with sugared ginger sticks and blue grapes.

Photo credit goes to my boyfriend because my nose itches so much I literally couldn’t get the camera to focus. Stupid summer cold!
For that, he’ll get the bento (psst – it’s totally not because the restaurant at work serves vegetarian moussaka tomorrow! ;) )

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The bentobox contains leftovers from the chili dinner I made tonight: Chili sin carne, polenta baked with a cheese crust in the oven, and grilled marinated mushrooms and red bell pepper on a salad leaf.

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I wanted to make baked burritos oringinally which would have fit the box better on account of being rolled up and sealed by lovely melted cheese. But my kitchen was a mess and I kicked myself to clean it up instead, so I didn’t have time for that… so wraps it was!
They are filled with red kidney beans, onions and corn in tomato sauce (what I had originally planned to put in the burritos), and salad leaves. Sprinkled on top is grated cheese, bell pepper pieces (for color) and a dab of avocado-yoghurt dip. On the side we have roasted veggies from last night’s tortilla dinner, a kitty with more avocado dip and grapes.

I think that this recipe is even mostly glutenfree, since I used corn tortillas for the wraps. But I’m not entirely familiar with glutenfree – what do you think?

You think that big thing can’t actually really fit the box? Well, I managed to fit it all in actually! But it wasn’t as cute lying down anymore, which is why I took the nice arranged picture. I guess I cheated a little there… the wraps are actually wrapped rather loosely, and toothpicks helped me hold them together in the box and for easier eating. (You can see that one wrap is already falling apart by the time the picture was taken…)
See here how it looked after lying them down in the box:

The kitty had to move outside the box though, it was mainly there to support the wrap for the photo.

All wrapped up!

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Wok-fried zucchini, leek, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, cauliflower and fresh basil with taco seasoning, a yin-yang of sourcream and salsa, cheese rollups, avocado, jalapeños, salad, carrot and salsa.
Not shown: two corn tortillas to fill with the delicious mixture!

I just love tortillas and Fajitas. That’s why they keep popping up in my bento – well, that and that it is lovely, filling food that I usually have leftovers after making.
There is nothing at all that should keep you from enjoying them if you are vegetarian – veggie Fajitas are great without anything to replace the meat. In Mexican restaurants, they often serve a pan of fried meat pieces and vegetables to fill your tortilla with, and leaving out the meat does not influence the taste in a bad way at all!
I usually stirfry diced zucchini, leek or salad onion, bell pepper (red and yellow for a great contrast, sadly I only had yellow in the house!), mushrooms as a base and add any other vegetable that I find in the fridge that needs using up to stretch it. Fill the tortillas with a spoon of veggies, salsa, sourcream, and some shredded cheese and top with salad and carrot shaves. Enjoy!
If you absolutely feel the need to make burritos or have a meat-replacement, saffron rice, quinoa, or a sauce of shredded zucchini, onion and crushed tomato goes well with it.

There. That’s all you ever need to know about veggie tortillas. Now go out and make your own! What are you waiting for? There really is nothing to it! You could have sliced the veggies already by the time it took you to read this!

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I am really looking forward to this month being over, not only in terms of work but also because then maybe I’ll have time to make pretty-looking bentos again!

I made veggie tortillas tonight and packed the leftovers.
Big bowl (right): stirfried broccoli, asparagus, sweet corn, brown champignons, bell pepper, leek, red onion and grape tomatoes (mmm leftover veggies), a few carrot strips and some cheese.
Small bowl (left): More carrot strips, homemade guacamole, grated cheese and (storebought) salsa rolled up in some carrots as separator, and some grape tomato pieces.
Dessert: Pocky and a chocolate my grandma sent me.

I am taking a (storebought) corn tortilla too, but since I don’t want it to be soggy, it’s rolled up in aluminium foil. You can see it on the right of the picture, but it’s not pretty so I left it out of focus.

Veggie tortillas are really easy and quick, but incredibly tasty as alternative to meaty or soy-meat filled tortillas. In fact, I prefer them to both alternatives – I like my tortillas filled with chunkier stuff than meatsauce, and am always a bit suspicious towards meat replacements (the last soy-tortilla stuffing I bought was awful!). The trick is to stirfry the vegetables in a very hot (preferably castiron) pan or wok, and not to salt them until last – I find salt makes them release their juice and makes the whole thing soggy.
Good vegetables to use: red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, leek or onion chunks, sweet corn, beans, champignon mushrooms, eggplant (and anything you might have left over, see above).
Spice with: freshly-ground pepper, chili, garlic, freshly-chopped basil leaves.
Sauces and condiments to stuff the tortilla: Guacamole, sour cream/yoghurt, hot salsa, grated or shaved carrots, romaine lettuce, grated cheese (any yellow cheese will do).

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This will be my last bento before the holidays, so merry christmas/hanukkah/whatever you celebrate at this time of year to you all!

Upper tier: Fried mixed veggies with a bit of chili sauce, decorated with cheese and a lime.
Lower tier: Herb tortilla christmas trees!, more cheese and a zucchini christmas tree.
Bowl: A bit of salsa and thick yoghurt (I prefer yoghurt to sourcream) in a minicontainer.

Not that festive… I had good ideas, but way too much to do to make many bentos recently. Oh well. See you after the twelfth day!


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I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun…

Top tier: Chili sin(?) carne (vegetarian chili), cheese decoration, cucumber and bell pepper bells.
Bottom tier: Rice colored with some black rice and some squished avocado “guacamole”, grape tomato flowers and another cucumber bell as decoration.
Wrapped up on the top of the picture: three wheat tortillas.

The boyfriend hates beans so he just got riceballs. Boo!


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