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Bento #329

Similar to the previous one – ovenbaked potato slices, cherry tomatos and falafel in the big container, more falafel and salad with apple, leek, broccoli, corn and asparagus in the small container.

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Bento #328

This bento was made in 5 minutes in the morning this week.
Potato salad with leek and apple on lettuce (leftover from dinner), frozen falafel, half an avocado and a chocolate heart.

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Bento #327

Leftover millet and ratatouille, kale with peanuts, sugar snaps and a tiny pepper in the big box.
Pasta bake in the small box.

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Happy new year!

First day back to work after the winter holiday hiatus today, and a new bento for tomorrow!
Crispy breaded fish, potato salad, onigiri flowers, rucola, broccoli and bell pepper strips.

I found a new, super-low-budget flower onigiri mold! Do you know what it is???
Yes… it’s the bottom of a 0,5l soda bottle! Just cut that fella open at the bottom, wash it out, salt it lightly and stuff in your rice. Works like a charm and costs you nothing (except perhaps the return money on the bottle…).
Neat trick, huh?

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