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Bento #194

Happy 2009!

Back from vacation!
Stirfry with scrambled egg, Turkish bell pepper and eggplant, some raw carrot slices, a cherry tomato and two dumplings with soy sauce in the lower layer.
Mixed grain rice with ume furikake in the upper layer.

The sauce is a simple Chinese stirfry sauce paradoxically containing ketchup. That stuff does go around the world…!
The recipe is simple, stir fry the ingredients of your choice (I use garlic, chili and szechuan pepper to season the oil), then put on two tablespoons of dark Chinese soy sauce, two tablespoons of rice vinegar and a squirt of ketchup. Season to taste with some sugar.
Yes… it is Chinese. Promise!
Because of the dark soy sauce it didn’t look as god in the bento as it should, but I was really feeling like it. Too bad the purple of the eggplant didn’t come out in the photo…

BF gets the same, but requested more dumplings.

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