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Homemade tortillas (half corn-, half wheatflour) filled with woked veggies, salsa, greek yoghurt, orange grated cheddar and a few leaves of fresh cilantro.
Cherry tomatoes and sugarpeas on the side and a silicon muffin cup with sugared ginger sticks and blue grapes.

Photo credit goes to my boyfriend because my nose itches so much I literally couldn’t get the camera to focus. Stupid summer cold!
For that, he’ll get the bento (psst – it’s totally not because the restaurant at work serves vegetarian moussaka tomorrow! ;) )

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Bento #130

I had some nice, traditional bento ingredients prepared since yesterday…
…but then I had absolutely NO appetite for them at all.
I’ll post a healthy, proper bento another day, promise!

This one contains crispy fishsticks in a tortilla wrap with salad, pickles, aioli and ketchup, salad hearts, a few curly fries leftover from dinner, some grapes and a cherry tomato. Not shown: bottle of balsamico vinegar for the salad (I like my salad iwth just vinegar, no oil).
Fish and fries are oven-baked from frozen.

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