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I was at a dietician this tuesday… even though I am (mostly) vegetarian, she said I should eat more vegetables. I guess it's just One Of Those Things dieticians and moms say… ;)

*Top tier: mangold and feta filled leafdough “strudel” on salad, cherry tomato decoration.
My mom makes all kinds of nummy, savory strudels. One of my favourites is beans, but the BF won't eat it. He does like this one though – sautéed spinach, onions and garlic with raisins to soak up excess water (seasoned with salt and pepper), and crumbled feta as “center” or mixed in.

*Bottom tier: chopped salad hearts, carrot stars with cherry tomato halves

*Dessert box: apple hearts, baklava type rolls from the mideastern supermarket.

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One bento from last friday and one from yesterday…

I was really appetite-less last week. I think my body was battling a cold that is flying around here (and winning, woo!) but it had a bad effect on my eating… so on Friday I kicked myself to make a bento anyway. It's thinbread rolls with creamcheese, carrot and cucumber shaves and carrot and cucumber sticks (they got soggy but luckily I had emergency ramen) and grape tomatoes as lunch, a side box with grape and cucumber salad and a slice of chocolate cake and a satsuma as dessert. It's my birthday cake – my birthday was in october, but I have cake now, long story :)

Monday's bento:
Lower tier: rice with carrot and thai basil stars
Upper tier: “raw” salad (shredded carrots, apple and bellpepper with a bit of vinaigrette) with apple suns, and a bailout lunch from the freezer: fish nuggets and veggie dumplings. And a bottle of dip sauce.
Dessert are satsumas again, mmm vitamins.


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Backdated Bento #34

I forgot to post, again!

* Brown rice Onigiri filled with tuna, mayo, leek and corn mixture
* Leftover mixture, frozen corn (it thawed until lunch), orange bell pepper and leek, and a bottle of balsamico vinegar.
* Snack: Nut mix with loths of unhealthy covering; Dessert: Minipudding and a chocolate strawberry stick thingy! So cute I had to buy it :D
And some more Hello Kitty candy because I had run out at work.

I didn't close the upper part; I have a nice semi-thermos bag that just fits my box upright, so I didn't need to be worried about the onigiri falling out ^^;

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Yesterday's bento (I was so busy with NaNo I forgot to post!):

Upper tier: Wholewheat tortellini pasta filled with ricotta and spinach; red bell pepper and tomato sauce; cucumber stars, some olives and basil leaves.
Lower tier: Peanut butter and lemon curd wraps around a banana with little thai basil clockfaces; apple stars.

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I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun…

Top tier: Chili sin(?) carne (vegetarian chili), cheese decoration, cucumber and bell pepper bells.
Bottom tier: Rice colored with some black rice and some squished avocado “guacamole”, grape tomato flowers and another cucumber bell as decoration.
Wrapped up on the top of the picture: three wheat tortillas.

The boyfriend hates beans so he just got riceballs. Boo!


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