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Bento #357

Simple soup bento, made in the morning:
Sweet potato, potato and carrot curry “soup” with cress on top, homemade scone, sundried tomatoes, raisins, chocolate, and butter in a kitty container.

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I saw these the other day and just had to try making them for bento :) Sadly mine didn’t get as perfect – I shall have to work on my technique for not letting half the egg run out under the pepper, and I couldn’t let the yolk stay runny as it has to keep until tomorrow – but they certainly will be tasty!

Bulgur with spring onions, parsley, sundried tomatoes and bell pepper pieces, bell pepper ring with a fried egg inside and spring onion decoration, Brie poppers, grapes and “bamboo shoots” candy. More parsley as decoration.

BF’s box:

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Bento #355

Rice with furikake (actually a chazuke mix, but it’s quite mild in flavour and I’m letting the moisture of the rice soften the dried ume and tofu), kimchi dumplings, tamagoyaki, cucumber, red bell pepper and some tiny grapes on parsley.

I’m probably going to eat this tomorrow (lunch date today) but I had to use my bento mojo to make a box, so I will stash it in the work fridge.

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