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Bento #355

Rice with furikake (actually a chazuke mix, but it’s quite mild in flavour and I’m letting the moisture of the rice soften the dried ume and tofu), kimchi dumplings, tamagoyaki, cucumber, red bell pepper and some tiny grapes on parsley.

I’m probably going to eat this tomorrow (lunch date today) but I had to use my bento mojo to make a box, so I will stash it in the work fridge.

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Big layer: Black rice on a bed of white rice (just black rice is a bit boring to chew, I think) with a black cat in a full moon cutout.
Small layer: vegetable stirfry, some cherry tomatos and sugar snaps.

BF’s box: (I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better)

Late Halloween bento? Maybe, but that’s not the only reason!
First, the cat cutter was sent to me by my stepsister who wanted to see the result in a bento of course :) Thank you! I’ll use the other two cutters soon as well, promise!

Second, we have a new family member!

Isn’t he just adorable? I’d say something about being so cute I could just eat him but that would be cruel. :)

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My bento for today – omuraisu (made with leftover restaurant rice), two frozen inarizushi, lettuce, cherry tomatos and carrot decoration.

I see a round number is coming up – oh no! And my bento mojo is already down…

The BF gets the same, but his omelette is rolled up instead of wrapped around the rice.

And these were the bentos I made yesterday with the last mini quiches from my freezer stash, leftover pasta with red pesto, frozen inarizushi and broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. The freezer stash saved me there – about time to make a new batch of quiches!

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Bento #267

I made this earlier this week. Winter and darkness and bad weather coupled with stress are having a bad impact on my cooking habits – I feel tired and lazy and just throw something together, or decide I’m too tired to make a bento and eat out for lunch. Not healthy!

This is a quickie, but tasty – stirfried carrot flowers, zucchini leaves, mushrooms and leek with tamagoyaki and some of the tiniest cherry tomatoes ever on noodles with sesame oil, mirin and soy sauce.

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Rice topped with scrambled egg, tomato and cucumber flowers, carrot flowers, stirfried bok choy, fried marinated tofu, and 1 1/2 chili cheese tops from McDo as dessert.

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I know, Chinese New year is technically over :) No reason not to celebrate though!
Cow-spotted rice (It’s the year of the cow bull), vegetarian dumplings, red-dyed egg and some broccoli and sprouts. Bottle with dipping sauce for the dumplings (dark soy+vinegar+chili).

My own box has the same and my attempt at a bit more “natural” looking cow pattern – it didn’t really turn out though, I think.

PS: For those of you still looking for natural dye, cooking stuff with black rice in the water will make it *very* purple – my fingers are witnesses! *looks like she robbed a bank* It’s no good for onigiri though, I couldn’t get it to stick together.

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Bento #203

I used up nearly all my freezer stash, which mainly means that I need to scrounge for good protein in my bentos. Luckily I always have eggs :)
This bento contains, of its basic elements:
Carbohydrates: Jasmine rice
Proteins: Tamagoyaki, two vegetarian dumplings
Veggies: Enoki and oyster mushrooms, carrot kinpira, fried eggplant (rolled up), a cherry tomato and salad.
Other: a fishy of soy sauce.

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