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Bio-Bengelchen Betthupferl-Tee/Cheeky Cherubs Bedtime Sweets Herbal Tea Blend: Lemon Balm, Blackberry leaves, Elderflower, thyme, verbena, calendula, sunflower leaves, bluebottle blossoms.

Cheeky Cherub Merlin kindly agreed to model for this tea promising just the right amount of sweetness before bedtime :)
It is, as tea #9, quite similar to our regular teas from Sonnentor and rather lovely even in bagged form. Definitely one to keep, even if the ingredient list made me consult the dictionary and wiki a few times :)

And what does our model think?


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Grüner Glückstee/Green Fortune Tea Spice-Green tea blend: Green tea with jasmine, coriander, fennel, lemon balm, ginger, licorice, aniseed, connamon, peppermint, bluebottle flowers, vanilla.

Niiiice try, Sonnentor. Yeah, not gonna try that one after the last aniseed/fennel disaster. I guess I’ll give it to someone who needs the fortune more than me.

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Basen-Ausgleich Kräutertee/Base Harmony herbal tea blend: Lemon balm, blue malva, blackberry leaves, curly mint, lime tree blossoms, elderflower, bluebottle blossoms.

“Base Harmony”? Is that something like base cowardice? (And who makes up the names of those teas anyway?)
But after a round of silly comments on the naming, the tea is actually quite pleasant. It starts out a deep green (not that you could see it in this picture) and is quite close in taste to our regular Sonnentor looseleaf teas.

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Wieder gut! Eine Mütze voll Schlaf/It’s All Good! Sweet Dreams herbal tea blend: yarrow, lemon balm, blackberry leaves, lavender, orange peel, fennel.

The strong lavender note quite overpowers all other flavours in this tea. If you like lavender, this is definitely a nice tea. If it reminds you of your grandma’s pillow cover, maybe not. :)

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Bio-Bengelchen Schnupfnasen-Tee/Cheeky Cherubs Breathe Easy herbal tea blend: Curly mint, sage, chamomile, thyme, elderflowers, lime-tree blossoms and licorice.

Quite a nice tea, though I can’t tell about the breathe easy part of it. The chamomile and herbs are nice and the licorice not too intrusive this time. Definitely useful.

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Bento #325 – Angry Bento

This bento is angry! And it’s gonna kick your a**!

OK, so I don’t even play the game but I couldn’t withstand the visual possibility yesterday when I saw the different ball-shaped and triangular characters – they were just screaming to be made into onigiri.
And yes, that’s a whole lot of rice. I don’t care :) I put some falafel in the middle to have something to balance it and will be taking some furikake and some soy as well.

Black bird: Rice with ground black sesame, nori.
Red bird: Bell pepper and plain rice.
Yellow bird: Triangular onigiri with an eggsheet wrapped around it. (If you re-wrap it in some plastic foil while making the other onigiri the egg will keep its shape later.)
Blue bird: blue food coloring.
White bird: Plain rice.

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Bento #324

I haven’t posted many bentos as of late. The reason is simply that with winter and lack of light, I’m just usually too tired to make anything and when I do, they feel uninspired and rushed.
This one isn’t quite as interesting either – just leftover oven potatoes with hardboiled egg, a homegrown mini pepper and rucola, and a Hello Kitty packet of raisins for dessert.

Those packets are so cute, perfect for bento! With Christmas approaching rapidly there’s a lot of chocolate in the office so I thought bringing something healthier for dessert would be a good idea.

Here’s a picture from this morning on my way to work with beautiful sundogs. They’re caused by ice crystals in the air and this week, we are getting them nearly every day! They are quite spectacular to look at, even if it means standing around in the cold.
When I went out on the platform to take a picture, I noticed a lot of other people were doing the same. :) These days, everyone is a photographer!

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