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Bento 2^2^2^2

Not really happy with this – the decoration is more to hide the uninteresting food than it is to embellish it. (I really, really, really need to go grocery shopping now. Ugh. I even ran out of PASTA last night! That hasn’t happened in ages!)
The last of the chili sin carne from the freezer under carrot and cheese flowers, parsley, homegrown cherry tomatoes, the last two lentil balls, a fudge candy, and fried potato slices as the carb.

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Bento #255

Not the most creative but considering it was made late at night…
Carrot stars, lentil balls, green olives, parsley, tomatoes and a fudge candy in the top layer, couscous with a cherry tomato decoration in the bottom layer.

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Bentos #253 and #254

Onigiri and a heart-shaped potato, lentil balls, a whole tomato, half an apple, carrots, Ajvar and some parsley to line the box as the lettuce leaves I had planned to line it with had gone old. Hrmph. I really need to go grocery shopping…

This is BF’s bento. I get the same for lunch, then I brought some more so I don’t fall over in the art class in the evening:

Tiny potatoes, Ajvar and more lentil balls in the background, a tiny Yoplait (I found that when you trim the cups, they -almost- fit into a bento box), the other half of the apple, lettuce leaves and some more carrots hiding sliced tomato in the foreground.

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Bentos #251 and #252

I broke down and did a charaben for the autumn challenge on LiveJournal after all.
Nori tree with carrot and cheese autumn leaves and cheese moon (of course) on a bed of rice, parsley and chili. Two cherry tomatoes mimic autumn pumpkins.

BF’s (normal) bento contains a mini quiche, onigiri, dumplings, a tomato, carrot strips and candy on lettuce.

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Bento #250!

Finally #250! Not much in the way of charaben, but the celebratory autumn theme definitely is in the food!
Pumpkin soup is just a part of autumn to me. Then there’s a piece of stuffed butternut squash in the extra box, together with apple bunnies (apples are also very autumny to me), mozarella cheese sticks, bell pepper and a cherry tomato.

BF can warm the soup if he likes, if he doesn’t there’s the same food plus an additional riceball saying “250”.

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Bento #249

After this brief peanut-butter interlude, back to your normal bento programming.

I was actually planning to make chirashizushi with the sushi rice I prepared, but when I cut into my avocado I found it had… gone bad. Aw.
But there’s always a chance to turn defeat into something good – and nobody will argue when the alternative is inarizushi! Yum.
The other layer holds a sliced Demeter tomato, the last of the corncob flowers, a soy sauce fishy and tamagoyaki on lettuce. Tasty!

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Bento #248 – lazy bento

Sometimes you feel like making an elaborate bento.
And sometimes… you don’t.

But on the other hand, there’s never enough time to praise the awesomeness of peanut butter. PB, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
I never tasted any peanut butter when I grew up. It’s just not stuff we have much over here. I first tried it when I was visiting a friend from the States. At first, I was suspicious – salty peanut paste and marmelade on the same toast? – but once I bit into it, I was an immediate convert. What I had missed!
It’s not just a toast spread either – it makes a great dip for all kinds of vegetables, I put it into my pad thai sauce to increase the already lovely peanuttiness, and let’s not even get into all the awesome possibilities of stirfry and satay sauce…!
I like mine best chunky, and without additional sugar. Sadly the grocery stores (where you can even get it, it will be in the “import” section if you don’t have to go to an Aisan supermarket to get it in the first place…) have stopped carrying that variant right now, it seems. Sigh.

How do you like yours?

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Bento #247

Not the most inspired bento today, but definitely yummy!
Chili sin carne on a bed of polished spelt, nachos (wrapped in cellophane to keep them dry), corn flowers, cherry tomato, yoghurt in the elephant cup, and a Toblerone.

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Bento #246

I did my bento the “wrong way round” today – first I made the food for the bento, then I ate the leftovers for dinner :)
Big box (background): Couscous with chopped parsley, rucola and sundried tomatoes (dressed with some lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper)
Small box (foreground): Sliced organic tomato, corncob flowers and fried Halloumi on lettuce.

I’ve been experimenting with different angles on this photo… what do you think?

BF’s box. I think it actually looks better than my box IRL, but it didn’t seem to want to come out on the photo. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

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I happened upon a real Farmer’s Market in town today – a proper market with stands that is, with guaranteed real and local farmers. As a bonus, most of them were certified organic. So who can blame me for not being able to resist?
The corn was our dinner today. And the flat green beans and tomatoes are a special bonus – they’re not only organic, but Demeter-type biodynamic. I’ve bought the tomatoes before – they’re just heaven in round, red shape. So curious about those beans though! I’ll definitely write a review when I cook them. Aren’t the purple freckles just lovely?

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