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Bento #367

I should really remember to update more often. This bento is from Monday.

The main dish is sweet potato rice, made on Sunday. I made a large portion for both dinner and bento, so these are technically the leftovers. Even though it is technically a full dish, I made some tamagoyaki for added protein and stuffed with steamed broccoli and some lemon balm and cress leaves. The jar holds the dipping sauce for the rice (and yes, I did pop a lid on that jar after taking the photo…).

Even though you wouldn’t believe it looking out of the window, spring has started! My little windowsill garden is already in full bloom:

Can you guess some of the plants I’m growing this year?

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Bento #366

The bento that I forgot to post last week – vegetarian burgers (two kinds), broccoli, rice with tomato decoration, mustard sauce and a strawberry for dessert.

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