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Bento #237

While my new batch of Puff pastry zucchini quiches for bento is cooling in the kitchen, here’s a bento with the last of the old batch.
Also in the box: Onigiri, cucumber slices, half a kumquat, bell pepper hearts in hummus, homegrown sugar peas, parsley and an amarettini cookie.

BF had exactly the same, so no photo.

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Pasta post

Sorta-kinda veggie Milanese, even though the breading is wrong.
Pasta with tomato sauce; the eggplant is baked in the oven topped with olive oil, breadcrumbs, parmesan, parsley, salt and pepper. Next time I think I’m going to have to make the slices a little thicker.

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I drew this comic last year, when he was just growing.

Now Donatello is a lovely bush, and has some children of its own:

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I made this bento a while ago. It’s stuffed with goodies – homemade bread, mouhammara, a cheese and spinach roll and bell peppers in the big box, and homemade Tabbouleh in the small box.
The accents are all parsley because I didn’t have lettuce on hand – but it still looks nice and fresh!

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We’ve been away over the really hot days this weekend. Luckily, we have self-watering pots for all our vegetables, so we didn’t need to rely o a neighbour to come and water our plants.
This greeted us when we came home:

The type of cherry tomato that yielded this lovely bunch is called “Tiny Tim”. They don’t grow too high, don’t need pruning and yield fantastically. A perfect plant for windowsill farming! I think we’ll be using this one exclusively next year.

Sadly, some of the chilies seemed to have gotten too much sun despite plenty of water and dried out. But I have a nice palette of chilies anyway:

I got a whole bowl of Jalapeños that ripened before the plants died. I’ll have to do some emergency pickling and freezing tonight before we go away on vacation again! (No, not freezing the pickles. :D)
(Yes, yes, that’s my acrylics paint palette with dried-in paint on it. I thought it made a fun contrast. :D)

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