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Bento #270

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in my neck of the woods, but these are still leftovers – my family was visiting from my home country and I had made some non-traditional food which they had specifically ordered.
Couscous with parsley and mint, falafel on picks, a cherry tomato and a marzipan chocolate in the foreground; Tsatsiki, rucola, steamed pumpkin and a container with muhammara for dipping in the background.

I’m also bringing some homebaked foccacia, which I didn’t take a photo of. Yum!

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Bento #269

Foreground: Hardboiled egg on lettuce, unpickled tiny cucumber, cherry tomatos.
Background: Falafel, potato salad and a container with yoghurt-parsley dipsauce.

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Bento #268

Gonna eat this before aikido practice tonight.
Rice with furikake, vegetarian dumplings, broccoli, tiny cherry tomatoes, a zucchini quiche, a soy fishy and Pez on a lettuce leaf.

The furikake aren’t vegetarian (they contain fish), but the rest is.

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Bento #267

I made this earlier this week. Winter and darkness and bad weather coupled with stress are having a bad impact on my cooking habits – I feel tired and lazy and just throw something together, or decide I’m too tired to make a bento and eat out for lunch. Not healthy!

This is a quickie, but tasty – stirfried carrot flowers, zucchini leaves, mushrooms and leek with tamagoyaki and some of the tiniest cherry tomatoes ever on noodles with sesame oil, mirin and soy sauce.

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Bento #266

Spanish Tortilla, Asparagus spears, broccoli, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, olives and (I needed a last-minute injection of cute) a dog container with Ajvar.

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Bento #265

Couscous with raisins for some extra sweetness, broccoli, phyllo rolls with spinach and feta (I bought those recently thinking they’d be perfect for bento), cherry tomatos and a slice of pomegranate.

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Bento #264

Mini quiche, broccoli, cherry tomato, asparagus and a slice of cheesecake in the big container, rice, a cherry tomato and sesame seeds in the small container.
A bit rushed because it was 11PM…

PS: Wererabbits is now also feeding new post alerts to Twitter @wererabbitsblog.

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