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Now that’s more like it. Same ingredients as this box, but much more bento-like!
One big box for me and one small for the bf, who isn’t a big breakfaster either.

Breakfast for today. The theme was “red” since I was planning to give blood. And they moved the bloodbus date under my nose again! Hrmph. Oh well, at least I have a reason to make smoothies and breakfast next week as well!
Big box: Rye bread with baba ghanoush and carrots, corn “flowers” (I do feel rather flattered by the practice of cutting cornflowers becoming so common on Bentolunch these days, seeing as I started it there), grape tomatoes and pear slices.
Small box: Mini banana muffins (thriftily made in fastfood condiment containers!), chocolate covered coffee beans, more pear, grapes and a frozen strawberry.

The BF has been experimenting with the blender ever since we bought the food processor and is pampering me with fresh fruit smoothies. Wow! I call that service! Mmm, icy delicious orange and strawberry smoothie for breakfast before going to work, and bento when my stomach is able to take solid food at work!

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