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Uh, hard to guess what’s in this bento, right? <.<;
*coughs* anyway. I just recently learned about Cajun and Creole cuisine and got this nice seafood gumbo recipe from an online friend that I had to try out :D It came out quite tasty!
Gumbo with jasmine rice, parsley and carrot decoration (GUMBO :D). That should be more than enough food for lunch already so the small container only has some yoghurt mixed with lemon juice for stirring into the gumbo and a muffin and some grapes for breakfast.

Same for the BF. The M stands for his initial.

It really got quite yummy…

…quite, quite yummy. :D It’s a very basic recipe that can technically be made with any meat, but I had alaskan pollock and shrimp in mine, plus fish stock I had prepared earlier and frozen.

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Bento #167

This bento contains a lot of leftovers from various meals during the weekend.
Raw corn-on-the-cob flowers on fried tofu (hidden), carrots, and fried breaded squid on chinese cabbage.
The upper layer contains rice with sweet-n-sour sauce.

BF’s bento contains the same, plus a toffee.
His sweetnsour is supposedly in the shape of a heart, but you can’t really tell… oh well.

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Bento #149

Bottom layer: Pad Thai with prawns, mungbean sprouts and cabbage, salad leaf and spring onion decoration.
Top layer: Chocolate pudding with whipped cream and red currants, grilled zucchini slices, homemade beansprout kimchi.

I’ve taken to making mung bean sprouts at home – they grow especially fast and well in the shelf above my fridge, where it’s dark, nice and warm. Experimenting with some different sprouts as well, so expect more sproutiness to show up in my bentos soon!
The grilled zucchini were an afterthought – I was going to put a dumpling in instead but the bento looked so monotonous and colourless to me. So I remembered that I was actually supposed to follow the 4:3:2:1 ratio and added some veggies instead. (There is actually quite a lot of vegetable in the Pad Thai – I “stretch” the noodles with thinly sliced cabbage to make it healthier – but you can’t see it.)

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Bento #131

Not as colourful today, but rather comfort food.
Tom Yum soup with prawns (I actually didn’t have the proper chili paste so it’s not as red as it should be), rice, some veggie wontons and a few sugar snap peas and a cherry tomato for decoration.

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Jumbled and mixed together Spanish-ish food, in no particular order:

  • Mini Spanish potato omelette wedges
  • Grilled prawns on spits
  • Feta-stuffed olives
  • Balsamico glazed roasted mushrooms
  • Grilled green asparagus
  • Raw yellow bell paper and grape tomato quarters
  • Aioli and salsa (both storebought, sadly! Homemade tastes so much better :( )
  • Grilled potato wedges (hidden under the aioli)
  • Salad leaf and spring onions as deco

*gasps for air* I think that was all now.

And a gratuituous second picture because I thought it looked spiffy:


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There was a challenge on my bento community, and the theme was Sci-Fi TV shows. I love Sci-fi, so I had to participate – and not once, but three times even!

I was so impressed by the bento of Leiji Matsumoto’s character Queen Emeraldas posted on JList that I set out to do a Queen Millennia from the series of the same name after all. This was my BF’s bento today (well, the photoworthy part of it).

Face done with sushi rice colored with a tiny drop of gochujang; Hair from omelette; Body is a riceball with Nori, the deco is red bell pepper, nori and cucumbers.

Avocado, cucumber and egg sashimi surrounding some sushi rice with an inari cutout.
Cat container with wasabi and leek mayo, hollow tomato with miso ball. Not shown: Soy bottle, prepacked miso condiments

…and if you can’t recognize this one, you have lived under a rock in the 80es. Hint: why does the cat have a sweatdrop?

Saffron&seafood risotto with peas and spring onion deco; more seafood; Parmesan in the bowl; candy.

Character(s) from Doctor Who, of course. Not too happy with how the Dalek came out, I had trouble shaping the riceball the way I wanted.

I also have the feeling I’m more suited for the pretty arranging of interesting components than for the riceball sculpting. Just too practically minded!

Oh, and I seem to be nearing a 100 (posted) bentos! That’s not counting some boxes I was not proud of and breakfast posts.
Wonder what I’ll make for the big 100?

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Mmm, sushi. I like to make sushi on sundays – it’s the only day where I can safely spend lots of time on cooking!
I would love to make mini-temaki sushi rolls for bento, but I fear the nori will get soggy… :(

Big compartment: Maki rolls (California and leek-mayo-avocado-cucumber), tamagoyaki, a pickled ginger rose with wasabi hidden underneath, miso balls with leek and seaweed.
Small compartments: Inarizushi, frozen mango and strawberries for dessert.
There is also a big fish bottle of soy because I like having a lot of condiments.

Inarizushi is the way my friends hooked me on sushi. The sweet-tasting, delicious tofu pouches are just the right thing for somebody cautious of the taste of nori and unused to the delicate taste of the other ingredients. Talk about a flavour bomb!
After that, I got to try vegetarian kimbap: Kimbap is Korean rolled sushi, which is usually stuffed with a LOT of ingredients of different tastes, most of which are slightly pickled to increase the taste.
And after that, of course, it’s a slippery slope…

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Guess who ordered herself an early christmas present from JList! It's the Totoro bentobox that comes with a bowl-shaped lid and a sealable container for soup and other liquid foods. So cute!

Upper tier: Curry cream soup decorated with fish, carrot and a thai basil twig.
Lower tier: Fried fish pieces (salmon, and two white fishes, no idea what. Cod and seti?), mint, carrot sticks and a slice of lime, and rice vermicelli hidden underneath.
Bowl: A Totoro (but he didn't get eaten!)

Curry soup is a really nice and easy thing to make. It's mainly shrimp soup with cocos curry and red thai paste. Cooking Cute has a quite good recipe for it, which is rather similar to the one I use myself.

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Happy Austrian national day!

* Top layer: Salad whose name I have forgotten already* with red onions and cherry tomatoes (so tiny!) tossed in balsamico and olive oil; ovenbaked potato stars
* Bottom layer: Ovenbaked salmon and a shrimp.
* Small container: Lime aioli (bought at the supermarket deli)
Not shown: Haven't decided on a dessert for tomorrow yet.

I'm having entirely too much fun with my new cookie cutters. :D
You can also see a picture of my arrangement of the same stuff for dinner here.

*Mizune. Not Rucola. Mizune is much less bitter and tastes more like spring salad.

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* Top tier: Risotto with shrimps and mushrooms
* Bottom tier: Banana cogwheels, fresh mango stars, plum hearts, more banana cogs (all dripped with lime juice) annnd… a Mozart ball! One of the original ones, which are actually handmade (hence the “heart” shape of the marzipan, and the stroke through it where the stick went).

Tomorrow's bento is a luxury bento in lots of ways:
– I usually don't buy any alcohol (it's so expensive in Sweden) but I need wine for risotto. Today, we finally got around to check out the wine shop and found some really tasty wine for quite cheap! Gotta get more of that.
– Fresh mango! I love mango. Lovelovelove. You almost never get it here (or at least, not ripe and nice ones)!
– Mozart balls. My stepdad sent them to me for my birthday! They're dark chocolate truffles filled with pistachio marzipan and nougat, and handmade in Salzburg (where my parents live). Sooo good!
– Oh, and I found cookie cutters in (almost) the right size!

Scampi risotto recipe
Use medium or roundgrained rice. It won't work with longgrained rice!
For two persons, 1-2 cups of rice are fine. If you use brown rice, use more because it doesn't rise as much as white rice does.

Per cup of rice, you need:
2 cups of broth (use chicken or fish stock, or if you're as cheap as me, vegetable instant soup base. When making seafood risotto, I sometimes cook out the shells of the prawns and use that broth.)
1 cup of broth and dry white wine each. Vary according to how much you like the taste of wine.

1/2 cup of shrimps or small prawns
1/3 cup of chopped onion
Salt, pepper, chili, garlic, parsley or italian spice mix for seasoning
Grated cheese (Parmesan, but any yellow cheese like gouda works too).
Olive oil or butter according to taste

Sauté the onions in olive oil or butter. When they look nice and translucent, add the dry rice and stir so the rice gets sautéd a bit too (it should become slightly translucent). Add one cup of broth and stir until the rice absorbs it.
Stirfry the shrimps/prawns separately in some garlic and olive oil and cool them so they don't become hard.
Cook on medium to low heat, spicing and adding more wine and broth alternatingly as the liquid gets absorbed. When the rice is done (it should be very sticky but still resist to the bite), stir in the shrimps and the grated cheese and serve with parmesan on top.

If you want to use only mushrooms (e.g. sliced champignons are nice) instead of the prawns, sauté them with the onions and use vegetable or chicken, but not fish base.

And because I used to practically live off this stuff, here's my quick Spaghetti all'arrabiata recipe:

(Warning: HOT!)

Roast chopped garlic and chopped fresh chilies (I keep them in the freezer so they keep fresh and don't lose their strength) in olive oil.
Add crushed tomatoes without peel, salt, pepper and sugar (the sauce should be almost sweet) and cook, adding small flocks of butter once in a while. Generally the longer you cook and the thicker the sauce gets the better it will be, but it also works well if you just make it while the pasta is cooking, hence the 5 minutes recipe. If you want the sauce to be thicker, add tomato paste concentrate to bind.

Serve with al dente italian pasta and parmesan or grated cheese.

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