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Nothing too elaborate for a monday. Ovenbaked potato, carrot, onion and eggplant from dinner, spinach-feta rolls, rucola and freezer staple inarizushi and dumpling.
I hope this will be enough food for tomorrow…

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Bento #302

Something simple for a Monday… at least it’s a short week this week, yay for red days!
Rice, bell pepper flower, teriyaki tofu, zucchini slices with carrot cutouts, and a Ritter Sport chocolate for dessert.

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Bento #301

Had training all last week and lunch was included, so I didn’t get to bring a bento.
In balance, today a super-simple but super tasty bento lunch! Lentil patties, rucola and lettuce from the windowsill, cherry tomatoes, feta rolled in black and pink pepper, bell pepper and vinaigrette (balsamico and olive oil) in the bear cup. I’m bringing homemade pita bread on the side.

BF’s box, basically the same! I like the crop I got in this photo.

A spring greeting from the weekend. First strawberries! And yummy, yummy organic ice cream. :D

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