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I should use more leftovers for my bento. The sad thing is that I’m really picky when it comes to leftover food – I had some more things in my fridge that I had planned to pack but when the time to pack came, I looked at them and knew I wouldn’t want to eat them any more. *sigh*

On the other hand, having a free side container all of a sudden means I could put something more colourful in there, and the box needed any colour it could get!

The big compartment holds potato wedges separating oven-baked breaded mushrooms and fish (my dictionary says it’s called plaice), and a sauce kitty with Hollandaise.
The small compartment on the top holds red and green grapes and a quick mayonaise salad containing chopped carrots, apple, leek and corn.
The small compartment on the bottom holds mozarella, tomatoes and basil leaves.

Breaded soy-marinated fish and vegetables
This is after something I tasted in a restaurant once, and had to try at home. The original recipe used fish, but – vegetarian friends rejoice! – the mushrooms tasted much, much better even! It was just regular champignons but they tasted amazing. I think eggplant would also fit it rather well.
It’s rather simple as well.
For the marinade: Dark soy sauce, a spoon of honey dissolved in it, crushed ginger and garlic. Marinate (or if you want to save time, cook the stuff in it for a bit).
Bread with flour, salted scrambled egg and milk, and crispy breadcrumbs with sesame seeds mixed in.
Oven-bake or fry.

I think a fruity yoghurt sauce would fit it really well, but the BF requested Hollandaise, so Hollandaise we had…

Also, a fruit breakfast box from last Friday, which I didn’t post then because I wasn’t that fond of it:

Stuffed dates (recipe courtesy of The Daily Tiffin), grape skewers, apple and kiwi slices, and pocky in the lid.

Oh, and Jennifer! I looked into the Japanese store this Friday and they still have the “Deli Club” three-compartment box in blue and red for 100 SEK (~14.43 USD) each. If you can’t find it anywhere else, I can look into how much shipping to you would cost…
I bought a male box there this time, for the same price, and it’s HUGE! I wanted a slightly bigger one but this one is amazing. 810ml! Maybe if I’m REALLY hungry someday… else my BF is going to use it. Apologies for the bad picture, the camera didn’t cooperate without a flash.

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Bento loot!

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No bento today either, sorry. I am still very busy and zooming from place to place, jetsetting in fancy hotels around the world. (Or so I would like it to sound.)
But I did have time to go to a Japanese store today and saw that they had added new bento boxes and accessories to their stock! So here’s the loot…

Excuse the bad lighting today, I’m just about awake enough to take pictures at all…

Mayonaise cups (finally!), onigiri molds, and TWO new bento boxes!

A 500 ml, 3-compartment box, with a matching tissue and a very nicely sealing lid. The text on the lid, which is sadly blurry on this picture, says:
“We are passionate about lunch communication. The lunch is a good day pastime.”
Sweet, ne?

I think this one is the jackpot, though. A 500ml thermos jar with an additional ~200ml normal jar that stacks on top of it. The lid of the thermos is an isolated seal, the normal jar comes with a screwtop. And the bag it comes in is just fantastic! I can’t wait to try this one out!

More on Italian airplane snackboxes (sadly no HK bentos, but at least something), markets and other stuff later…

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