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Bento #339

Today’s lunch (that’s what the bag says): Rice with leftovers from a tortilla dinner: fried veggies, lettuce, beans with taco sauce, grated cheese and grated carrots. Basil leaf for decoration.

BF’s lunch. He doesn’t like beans.

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Bento #338

Wholewheat bulgur with carrot and basil decoration in the background.
Broccoli, yoghurt-mustard dip, veggie burgers, a cherry tomato and a strawberry in the foreground.

The checkered thing is my new lunch bag, it’s awesome :)

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Bento #337

Rice balls stuffed with tuna and mayo (one plain and one with black sesame), strawberry, cookie, egg, soy sauce bottle.

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Bento #336

Ovenbaked potato, carrot and beet slices baked into an omelette, yoghurt dip, broccoli, tomato, carrot and basil decoration.

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Bento #335

Ovenbaked root vegetables (potatoes, carrots and beets), falafel and some celery sticks with a yoghurt-mustard dipping sauce.

Ovenbaking root veggies is my new hobby. Just cut into your favourite shape, toss with some olive oil, salt and pepper (or any herbs you desire) and bake on an oiled pan for 20 minutes. Perfect!

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Bento #334

Rice, avocado, tamagoyaki and cut up inari skins as a sort of veggie chirashizushi. Carrots and black sesame seeds as decoration, soy and wasabi to dip.

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