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Bento #333

Ooh, nice number. :)
I’ve made more bentos recently but they all looked boring. But at least I got a lot of use out of this thermal bento box recently. Yay for soups when it’s cold and iffy outside!

This one has a ball zucchini stuffed with zucchini risotto in tomato sauce. The top layer is a frozen mini quiche, some cherry tomatoes and various dried fruit.

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Bento #332

Yesterday’s bento – I forgot to post :)
Carrot soup (after a recipe from a gaming blog I read, Casual Stroll to Mordor) with parsley in the thermos, a mini quiche, sundried tomato, celery and peanut butter in the side container and a packet of raisins on the side.

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Happy year of the (were)rabbit!

(Baked flounder, rice, broccoli, cheese and carrot deco)

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Bento #330

Forgot to post this one last week. Tofu, spinach and egg on rice, sugar snaps and tomato flowers as decoration. Nice and springy ^^

We had a disk crash on the server after Christmas, so all my recently uploaded pictures are lost until I can get them down from my camera and fixed up again. :( (Sadly, the last backup was just before Christmas.)

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