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My week isn't getting better yet… good thing I went grocery shopping yesterday so I had a healthy and nummy bento to pick me up!

* Wholemeal Tortellini filled with ricotta and spinach mixed with grape tomato and eggplant slices sautéed in olive oil, and a spoon of pesto to go with it
* Wholemeal flatbread with chunky peanut butter cut into rolls, dried fruit
* Dessert: Turkish yoghurt with honey and more dried fruit
* Snacks: Green mochi, a plum

The lighting in the photo sucks… it's starting to get all grey and dark here now. :(

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Ever had one of those days where you just seem to ruin everything you touch? Now, I work as a programmer and yesterday not only my work PC kept bluescreening, I also had to take apart my home PC (notebook) completely and rebuild it because the powercard had shaken loose. And then my car's remote malfunctioned so I couldn't turn off the alarm. *facedesks*

So when I wanted to try making Omuraisu this morning, I wasn't too surprised that the tamago pan refused to cooperate as well… so it turned out fried rice with egg.
So… the decoration kind of… came naturally.

* Fried rice with carrots, corn, bell peppers, egg and a Green Guy as decoration
* Spinach rolled into the rest of the omelette
* bottle of soy sauce
* leftover bell pepper and carrot
* Sweetnsour sauce decorated with black and white sesame seeds
* dried dates
* Daim with dark chocolate

I also wanted to do a “Don't Panic!” in big friendly letters but I ran out of time and ingredients ;)

And an old but less interesting bento from sometime last week:

* Spaghetti with hot and sweet tomato sauce and parmesan
* tortilla and cheddar rolls
* raw leek and red bell pepper
* Mochi, strawberries and hazelnut chocolate

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It seems monday is my “make rice sculptures”-day…

Veggie sushi with tamago, fried red bell peppers and fried eggplant (both doused with a little vinegar to bring out the taste – mmm!)

Dessert and snack: strawberries with floursugar, dried dates, miniyoghurt
Not shown: Cuppa noodles.

Today the tamago even looked like tamago! ^.^; I used the wrong kind of rice though, was too tired in the morning and just put in my standard rice without planning what I wanted to do. The idea came later…
It still tasted good, though. ^^

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I was busy yesterday evening and forgot to post so today there's a double dose of bento goodness from me!

Bottom layer:
Rice and half a hardboiled egg, decorated with nori&carrots&furikake.
Top layer:
The other half of the egg decorated with nori on a bed of carrot strips, tomato flowers, veggie springrolls and gyoza, avocado cubes.
Dried papaya&chocolate with hazelnuts (mmm chocolate), mini seedless grapes.
And a minipudding and a container with soy ^^;

The photo didn't turn out well :( Too bad. I had big hopes in the decoration but I got really rushed in the end because it had taken so much time! *sighs*

Oh, I really need to find some small sealable containers for less fluid sauces, like salsa, pb or sweetnsour. Does anybody have hints for low-budget possibilities to get anything the like?

Top layer:
Stirfried carrots, tofu, red bell peppers, green onions, corn and thai basil in cocos curry; mini avocado rolls.
Bottom layer:
More mini avocado rolls, rice with furikake.
Mini seedless grapes, green mochi


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Backdated Bento #15

I ended up going for Sushi with my colleagues today so half of this bento is still uneaten ^^;
But I'm gonna eat it for dinner!

* Chili-like stuff (corn, bell pepper, ground yellow zucchini and red onions in a chili sauce), decorated with cheese and a sprig of thai basil. But the pretty cheese cutout melted before I could take a picture :(
* Tortilla rolls with cheese, avocado
* Strawberries and chocolate
* Cup of noodles
* Miniyoghurt.


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Backdated Bento #12

I was sick all last week == no bento for me :(

Riceballs filled with fried and marinated tofu; stirfry with fried tofu, red bell peppers and green onions; white bell peppers and grape tomato.
Dessert: grapes, chocolate and dried papaya.

Not shown: miniyoghurt, loooots of coughmints.

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Nothing too pretty today (Monday struck again!)

* Stirfried Soba with green onions, fried tofu, bell peppers and carrots
* Bottle of dressing (soy, rice vinegar and sesame oil)
* Raw carrots, peppers, grape tomatoes
* Leek dumplings (premade)
* Mochi, peanut crispies, fried seaweed thingies

And a question: If you make miso soup, do you make it yourself? Or do you use premade soup mixes? If so, which ones? I'm dying to get some miso soup at home but I'm a bit reluctant at the masses of different brands and degrees of premade you can get…
( answers here )


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