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Why, hello there…

…little Pisum sativum, commonly known as sugar pea.

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My windowsill garden!

How’s your growing going? Can you guess the plants this time?

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Bento #232

A very simple bento today. Leftover Flammkuchen – it’s kind of a German pizza but with sourcream on top (I left out the bacon to make it vegetarian), lettuce, carrot stars and two chocolate easter eggs.

If you’re interested in Flammkuchen, the lovely Meeta from What’s for Lunch, Honey? has a nice writeup about what it is, and where it is eaten, on her blog. Personally, I use my standard pizza dough recipe, yoghurt because I still don’t like sourcream, and I caramelized the onions in a pan before putting them on instead of slicing them thin because that way they got a lot more taste to make up for the missing bacon.
I’m on a caramelized onion trip. I’ve been putting them into nearly everything right now. OTOH, that saves me on other vegetables, which are just insanely expensive before spring!

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Bento #231

Big box (foreground): Hummus, steamed swiss chard with garlic, carrot sticks, olive, a babybel cheese and an easter chocolate truffle.
Small box (background): Pumpkin risotto, mini quiche cup.

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