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Bento #371

Another bento double feature. The rice is to be shared between my BF and me, and both of us get one box with deep-fried mushroom pieces on parsley, a tiny tamagoyaki made from leftover egg from breading, stuffed peppers, grapes, cucumber sticks and mayo in the container.

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First bento of 2013… well first bento I post here after a long break, too. I’ve been off the wagon for too long. But I got tired of eating out.

So this is mixed rice with chopped parsley, mint and lemon balm mixed in, falafel, iceberg lettuce, (almost!) the last of my homegrown cherry tomatoes, carrots and some homemade aioli in the small container.

Happy 2013!

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Salmon teriyaki with vegetable stirfry and steamed rice, tomato and pea sprouts decoration.

I make my teriyaki sauce myself with Mirin and Japanese soysauce in about equal amounts, a spoonful of honey (I think orange blossom honey would be phantastic! I have to get me some to try) and fresh crushed garlic and ginger. Instead of marinating, I just ovenbake the salmon in the sauce, drizzling it with sauce every now and then while the rice cooks. Today, I also baked a small red onion, chopped into eights, together with the salmon – it was delicious! Will have to try more vegetables.

The vegetables are red onion, bell pepper, zucchini, eggplant and sugar snap peas that were simply woked in a bit of neutral oil (with a drop of sesame oil added for taste; if I only use sesame oil it will get too hot and start smoking) to preserve their individual tastes. The only spices added are fresh chopped chili and a bit of salt – the BF says that glazing them with the teriyaki sauce would have been nice, but I wanted to make a counterpoint to the intense salmon and the rice which will be dipped in the sauce. Oh well, tastes differ.

There is no fruit or dessert – in fact the amount of fruit in my bentos has gone down quite a bit since I took up bentoing again. This has a reason – my new work has been providing me and my colleagues with a delicious fruit basket every morning to increase our energy! Since I’m now a contractor and no longer work in the office though, I might have to add fruit again. For now, I am making do with fruit smoothies for a commuter’s breakfast every morning – I’ll be reporting on my success with them very soon!


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I seem to be on a vegan roll with my lunchboxes this week…!
The big container holds 1/3 spiced mixed rices (black longgrain, parboiled, red, white roundgrain, brown roundgrain), 1/3 red lentils boiled with turmeric and raisins, and 1/3 palak paneer tofu – spinach curry with tofu and green peppers. You can’t get paneer here and I’ve not attempted to make it myself yet, so I replaced it with tofu. Works ok, I guess, though it should have simmered longer to make the tofu take up more of the curry’s taste and saltiness.
The small container holds candy easter eggs (of questionable vegan status), lettuce, sugar snap peas, red pepper strips and a baby plum tomato.

The recipe for the curry is again adapted from The Indian Restaurant Cookbook – it had no proper palak paneer recipe but I adapted its spinach curry for it.

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I made a vegan Korean stew yesterday. I found the recipe on this blog but can’t seem to find it since the blog was moved…
It contains fried tofu, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, onion and squash all simmered in a spicy sauce and sprinkled with scallions and sesame.
In the big container there’s rice, half a baby plum tomato and chives.

The boyfriend gets the same but enjoys his bento in a more orderly and strict fashion (haha right, we’re both utterly chaotic people and proud of it!).
He is also forced to eat more vitamins, aka sugarpeas, as you can see.

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I dyed more eggs yesterday… then the weird idea rode me to make blue sushi rice. Why, I’ll never know.
It became a LOT as well, so the freezer is full of blue riceballs now…
The rolls are wrapped in tiny seasoned nori cut in half, as that was all I had left, and filled with carrot strips, leek and mayo. Then there’s some ginger and wasabi to the side, eggroll made from only eggwhites (the yolks went into baking…), broccoli and pad thai leftover from dinner. And a fishy with soy sauce :)
I just remembered that I forgot to bring chopsticks. Grr. Eating sushi with a fork just seems so wrong

The boyfriend gets sushi, a blue riceball and sashimi, as I got tired of rolling rice at 12 AM.

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A very traditional bento for tomorrow, Japanese three-coloured rice (sanshoku-gohan). It’s easy to make and looks great, so I’ve been aching to make one for a while. I had this vision of using pink tofu for it, but I didn’t know what to colour it with – but then I had red food colour left over from dying eggs!
There’s one for me and one for the BF. He gets the bigger box and I get the HK pink box. Heh, I’d take a different box any day… maybe I should get another “big boy” box.

Fried scrambled egg with salt and sugar, steamed spinach (from frozen spinach) with sesame, garlic, and salt, and fried tofu with some mirin, soy, salt, sugar and a few splashes of easter egg colour! Yay for pink!

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Something simple, but nice. The rice mix is the same as before, but a new batch – I ran out of jasmine rice to mix it with, therefore this batch is darker.
The salmon is simply sprinkled with salt and lemon pepper and grilled on a foreman grill. So is the asparagus (timesaving, right?). Tomato salad with red onions, olive oil, white wine vinegar and basil. Hollandaise from a packet.

Dessert (not very easy to see here) is the last of the pumpkin pie, a few peanuts and some sticks of sugared ginger. And a konpeitou.

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Thermos container holds rice (half jasmine, half a parboiled/black longgrain mix) and veggie curry with red onion, bell pepper, cauliflower and zucchini. Decoration is onion and coriander.
The side box holds a silicone muffin cup with a salad heart and tomato cubes in yoghurt dressing, and curry fried potato cubes with peas.

All the recipes in this box are from Pat Chapman’s The Modern Indian Restaurant Cookbook, which was my Christmas present from a British friend. I can’t say that I have mastered curry yet, but thanks to the book it’s definitely getting better!
It’s not a vegetarian book, but still a very good reference and contains all the basics you need to know about curry cooking. Very recommendable!

I love curry and it makes great lunchboxes, but I always find it looks untidy and not very presentable. It’s annoying actually – therefore I challenge YOU to make a tidy-looking Indian curry bento!
There won’t be any prizes, but it’ll satisfy my curiosity, and I will of course link to any interesting bentos/tiffins that you link me!

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I’ll admit it.
I’m seriously addicted to pumpkin. I can’t go past a slice of pumpkin in the supermarket without buying it.
Incidentally, pumpkin has always been a savoury thing to me – I’ve never had a pumpkin pie, but instead soup, steaks, schnitzel and of course this tasty risotto…

Making Risotto is always about the same main recipe – fry onion and garlic (did you see the garlic in the picture? It’s purple! Eee!) in some butter and olive oil. It shouldn’t brown, but get translucent. Then add the main tasting ingredient, then the rice and stirfry until the rice gets a bit glassy. Italian arborio rice is the best, but any short or medium grain works, really. You can also add wild rice to the mix, but be careful about the longer cooking time of the unpeeled variants.
Add soup stock and wine if you have any, just enough to have a bit of fluid in the rice. Cover and boil slowly, don’t stir (unless it’s absolutely necessary to avoid disasters) and add more soup or wine as seems necessary, but never drown the rice. It should take about 20-30 minutes for the rice to cook, but still be a little tough to the bite. In that time the main ingredients will be boiled too, though if you have ingredients that can’t be boiled for that long, consider taking them out or frying them separately and only mixing them in in the end. Anyway, when the rice is done, add a little butter, freshly grated parmesan and spices to taste. Let it rest for a few minutes (in my case, take pictures for the next 5 minutes) and serve with more parmesan on top (and the rest of the wine in a glass :D).

Bento should come later, but I am too full to get up right now. ;) I was too lazy to make a bento yesterday. Oh well, maybe tonight.
Have a gratuituous second photo instead (with gratuituous plug of the wineyard I like):

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