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Something simple with traditional bento-staples to get back into the groove. Inarizushi, apple bunnies, and carrot flowers on lettuce in the background, tamagoyaki, cherry tomatoes, a soy bottle and some pastry stuffed with ricotta and pumpkin (from my freezer stash) in the foreground.

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Because Grandma gave me a packet of instant potato dough when we were visiting her home in Austria, I had to find nice apricots in Sweden (not the easiest task) and make some apricot dumplings. And take a picture and post it here, of course!

Now I just have to learn how to make potato dough from scratch so I can post the recipe. And make them again, because fruit dumplings are delicious! :)

Back from vacation! And a new job just started, so new bentos will be coming soon. For now, I’ll be working up my summer photo backlog…

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Fried Halloumi, homegrown cherry tomatos, candy, and a homegrown mini pepper stuffed with feta/yoghurt spread on rucola and parsley.
The couscous is mixed with boiled quinoa and Amaranth grain, which isn’t just pretty but also tastes deliciously nutty!

…Happiness is a warm cake…

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