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I am making bentos recently but keep forgetting to post them. Sorry!

After reading the article on the monbento bento boxes at JustBento, I had to order some of those boxes immediately. They arrived last Friday, so this is the first bento made in them!

The boxes themselves are roomy, sturdy, and overall have a very high quality feeling to them. They are somewhat expensive but well worth the higher price, I think – they really feel indestructible! The lids close nice and tightly and have a sealable hole for microwaving. I ordered two of the “original” black boxes – I have found that I like the contrast of black boxes best when making bentos.
Since each layer of the box is 500ml, which is only slightly less than a “normal” Japanese box, three layers are just enough for the BF and me. I stuffed two boxes with the same base food, and we will share the (only lightly filled) third box at work. In the future, I am thinking about using the third (and/or fourth) layer to bring salad and other side dishes.

I had also ordered the grey silicone mold for making oven-baked food fitting precisely to the box, and immediately had to try it out by making a Spanish potato tortilla in it. It worked beautifully and the tortilla disconnected from the mold without problem. BF and I will each get half of it, with a side of homegrown mixed lettuces, pan-fried Halloumi and zucchini. The screw-top sauce cups (also new) hold olive oil and balsamico dressing and ajvar.

All in all, I’m really happy with those boxes so far! If you want to order your own, head on over to JustBento and follow the links there. Clicking on their site will also allow you to support their lovely bento resource page :)
(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with JustBento or Monbento in any way. This article just reflects my personal opinions and nerdy ravings.)

PS: I noticed that comments were turned off on my recent posts. Sorry! I’ve turned them on again now.

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