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Bento #319

Bibimbap – quick-pickled zucchini with kurkuma, fried carrots, steamed spinach, omelette strips and fried tofu on rice. Chogochujang sauce in the little elephant container, heart candy for dessert.

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The vegan stew is making an appearance again – this time with sihmeji and enoki mushrooms. Then there’s tomatoes, carrots, a dumpling and a mini muffin, and rice in the top layer.
I somehow really like the look of the lower layer, I can’t really explain why but the colours and the look of the little muffin in there make me happy :)

The main dish is vegan, but not the bento. Muffins are kind of hard to make without egg.

The recipe is not mine, but immaeatchu‘s I Can’t Believe I Ate Vegan Dobu Jorim. Sadly the page the recipe is on does not contain any photos any more, as the blog has moved to WordPress since. But lots of people ask me for the recipe, so I thought I should link it.

BF gets the same in a square box.

And here’s a gratuituous image of how it looked like for dinner :D

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Bento #182 – Bibimbap

Bibimbap with various veggies, egg and pink-dyed tofu, left over from dinner.

Hmm, my picture quality has been better.

Clockwise: Pink tofu, egg, spinach, carrot kinpira, sweet cabbage, mushroom and leek, corn, mungbean sprouts. BF gets the same but no cabbage as he didn’t like it. :P

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Two plain rice balls, one covered in egg furikake and one in umeboshi furikake. Four dumplings, some microwave egglog, panfried green beans with soy sauce, homemade kimchi, a bottle of dressing for the dumplings and one yellow cherry tomato.
Oh, and two pieces of fudge for dessert!

BF gets the same, with a red cherry tomato instead of yellow.

I got new furikake at the Japan store on Saturday! So I decided to make rice balls covered in the stuff. Mmm. Pretty!
The pink furikake are supposedly umeboshi flavour, but I can’t really taste it. They do contain bonito though, so I can’t mark this bento as vegetarian. Boo.

On the upside, when I popped out the box at lunchtime, my colleagues asked me if I was only eating candy today because it looked so pretty! ;)

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I made this bento from Sunday’s leftovers, for my BF to eat on Monday.
Myself I’ve been eating out all week – we’ve been delivering some software and it was buggy, meaning lots of overtime trying to get it to run and no time for making bentos!
As you can see by me not even posting this bento until now.

The box contains two different types of kimbap-style maki rolls – one filled with avocado, cucumber, steamed spinach with sesame, omelette, and carrot, the other with avocado, cucumber, carrot, leek and mayo. I know some people here are of the opinion that mayo in sushi rolls is a sacrilege – but I happen to like it :)
There is also a bentoturf pocket with some wasabi and a fishy of soy sauce in the corner.

Here’s to hoping the next week gets better!

And now for some extra pictures:

I learned a good trick for cutting maki rolls from the sushi chef of my trust:
Dip the tip of the knife into a bowl of water. When you lift it up again, let a drip of water run down the edge of the blade. Do this before every cut, or every other cut once you get practice.
Cut with a smooth motion, not applying too much force but rather moving the knife diagonally.

Of course it goes without saying that you should use a sharp knife – actually, you should always keep your knives sharp in the kitchen. It makes everything much easier and, contrary to intuition, safer.


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I made a vegan Korean stew yesterday. I found the recipe on this blog but can’t seem to find it since the blog was moved…
It contains fried tofu, mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, onion and squash all simmered in a spicy sauce and sprinkled with scallions and sesame.
In the big container there’s rice, half a baby plum tomato and chives.

The boyfriend gets the same but enjoys his bento in a more orderly and strict fashion (haha right, we’re both utterly chaotic people and proud of it!).
He is also forced to eat more vitamins, aka sugarpeas, as you can see.

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I dyed more eggs yesterday… then the weird idea rode me to make blue sushi rice. Why, I’ll never know.
It became a LOT as well, so the freezer is full of blue riceballs now…
The rolls are wrapped in tiny seasoned nori cut in half, as that was all I had left, and filled with carrot strips, leek and mayo. Then there’s some ginger and wasabi to the side, eggroll made from only eggwhites (the yolks went into baking…), broccoli and pad thai leftover from dinner. And a fishy with soy sauce :)
I just remembered that I forgot to bring chopsticks. Grr. Eating sushi with a fork just seems so wrong

The boyfriend gets sushi, a blue riceball and sashimi, as I got tired of rolling rice at 12 AM.

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Enjoying the spring (*cough* it snowed here yesterday… though not as much as over in the US) with a springy, colourful bibimbap bento!
Steamed corn, soy sprouts, spinach and slices of egg-log all steamed in the microwave with a little salt, sesame oil and sugar seasoning. Shredded carrots with balsamic vinegar leftover from a pasta sauce. And Gochujang (which I’m not all that glad about because I’m suspecting it contains non-veggie broth. But I can’t change that right now) as decoration.

Steaming eggs in the microwave is something I learned at uni from my Chinese friends. It’s really simple and saves a LOT of time. Granted, eggrolls look neater, but you can make a passable egg log if you have a small enough container (I used the measuring cup from my microwave steamer set for it). Just scramble an egg, add a little salt, a tiny drop of sesame oil and a spoon or so of water and put it into the container of the shape you want it in. Pop it in the microwave for about half a minute (until it boils up a “head”) and done!
If you want more taste, szechuan pepper makes a wonderful aroma – but real szechuan pepper will also make your mouth go numb for a while with its strength! (I still have some imported from China – I hear you can’t get it in the US, and the one I could get here in Sweden isn’t strong at all!)

I know that the lighting in my recent photos sucks, gomen. It will get better once we buy a proper lamp for the kitchen table so I don’t need to take pictures under a neon lamp any more…

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A pick-me-up bento for tomorrow, with pretty colors and healthy veg and rice!

Brown rice bibimbap with eggplant, leek, carrot, pickled radish, spinach and sliced sweet omelette, all fried in a little sesame oil and some salt and sugar.
Gochujang in the foil triangle on one side, a Rocher and some mini-marshmallows on the other.

Technically vegetarian, but I found out that the gochujang sauce brand I am using has meat stock in the ingredients list. Dang. I hope I can find one that doesn’t – I don’t mind so far, but I can tell it from the smell when I color rice with gochujang.

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I have to come in to test the network at work tomorrow; so I packed some bento for my BF and me to go out and eat it in nature later.

Kimbap style rolls with spinach, carrot sticks, sweet omelette slices and pickled radish
Kimbap style rolls with avocado instead of spinach
and average joe crabstick, avocado, leek and mayo rolls.

Also soy sauce bottles, wasabi rolled in a slice of omelette, the rest of the pickled radish and some pickled ginger for me but not for the bf because he doesn't like it :P

I made a lot of rolls today! This bento is the sad rest after we both indulged in a lot more sushi than can possibly be healthy. *pats full, round belly*
Kimbap is a Korean type of rolled sushi that is usually stuffed with a lot more, varied ingredients than Japanese maki. I have seen as ingredients everything from any pickled, raw or fried vegetable you can imagine to even ground meat. They are usually large and hard to eat in one bite – it takes some training to eat them without spilling!
My Korean friend that introduced me to sushi/kimbap used to make rolls with pickled white cucumber, spinach and carrot. I have since then experimented and found that very thinly sliced fried or roasted eggplant, sweet omelette and spinach with sesame seeds make excellent “savory” stuffings, to which you can then add several of the ingredients that are less intensive in taste, like carrots, cucumber or radish.
I’m all for fusion food.

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