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Uh, hard to guess what’s in this bento, right? <.<;
*coughs* anyway. I just recently learned about Cajun and Creole cuisine and got this nice seafood gumbo recipe from an online friend that I had to try out :D It came out quite tasty!
Gumbo with jasmine rice, parsley and carrot decoration (GUMBO :D). That should be more than enough food for lunch already so the small container only has some yoghurt mixed with lemon juice for stirring into the gumbo and a muffin and some grapes for breakfast.

Same for the BF. The M stands for his initial.

It really got quite yummy…

…quite, quite yummy. :D It’s a very basic recipe that can technically be made with any meat, but I had alaskan pollock and shrimp in mine, plus fish stock I had prepared earlier and frozen.

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