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This bento contains fried Halloumi cheese drizzled with thick balsamico vinegar, couscous and baby spinach salad, cherry tomatoes, ecological garden salad, a wedge of grapefruit and spices.
Mmm, lots of my favourite tastes.

The BF gets the same, plus some grapes and a Mr. WA Mozart chocolate truffle.

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This sunday was used to relax after a particularly nasty coding crunch until saturday – it’s not EA proportions yet, but still – and therefore, no fascinating culinary experiments were made.
Our dinner consisted of pitabread with Greek salad, hummus and baba ghanoush.

*whirls around* Did someone say “boring”?!?

Not my Greek salad!

My Greek salad, luxury edition, features organic Rucola (or Rocket) salad, pine kernels, sundried tomatoes, organic feta, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, a tiny red onion and filled green olives. It’s drizzled with luxurious Fruttato olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, seasalt and freshly ground black pepper in the next image.

At which time my belly told me to stop making photos and get on with finishing the food so it could stop grumbling, so there’s no photo of the delicious pitabread and meze spreads that we bought today.

My sensei showed me a lovely organic supermarket as thanks for giving her a lift to training (well, only partly because she also needed stuff from there) and I… splurged. The organic feta was WAY better than the normal feta from that brand (although still not the same as fresh one from a cheese shop), and the organic veggies… see what I got!

Those will be halved, hollowed out and filled as soon as I can get to them. Oh yes, my babies, fear not. *drools*

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I was at a dietician this tuesday… even though I am (mostly) vegetarian, she said I should eat more vegetables. I guess it's just One Of Those Things dieticians and moms say… ;)

*Top tier: mangold and feta filled leafdough “strudel” on salad, cherry tomato decoration.
My mom makes all kinds of nummy, savory strudels. One of my favourites is beans, but the BF won't eat it. He does like this one though – sautéed spinach, onions and garlic with raisins to soak up excess water (seasoned with salt and pepper), and crumbled feta as “center” or mixed in.

*Bottom tier: chopped salad hearts, carrot stars with cherry tomato halves

*Dessert box: apple hearts, baklava type rolls from the mideastern supermarket.

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