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Bento #296

A little spring-themed bento – still no sign of spring here, sigh!
Rice with a chick cut from a tortilla, bell pepper details and flowers. (cutting bell peppers with veggie cutters… not such a great idea.)
Dumplings, avocado, more bell pepper, celery, a bear cup with peanut butter and raisins for the celery.

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Bento #295

Small box (background): Mini quiche, celery leaves (I’m out of lettuce…<.<), deep-fried tofu cut into strips, carrot flowers and two Marzipan candies.
Big box (foreground): Rice with peas and more carrot hearts.

There's also more carrots tucked under the quiche and I'll be taking some parmesan for mixing with the rice and tofu, risi pisi style.

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Halloumi, lettuce, rucola, tomatoes and mini-pitas I baked myself (in a break from studying) on Sunday in the big box. Bulgur with sundried tomatoes in the small compartment. I might bring another pita on the side… not decided yet.

This one I made earlier this week but didn’t even have a chance of posting until now, I’ve been so busy. It’s minestrone in the thermos can, a mini-quiche and a whole tomato in the other container and a blue elephant containing butter for the dark bread that I took on the side. It all fit nice and snug in the bag that comes with this set, which is another reason I like this set so much!

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Bento #292

I had a more elaborate one, with charaben-onigiri and all, but it just didn’t photograph as well as this one. Sometimes you have to know when to call it.
Rice with black sesame seeds, two puff pastry zucchini quiches, fried mushrooms, sunflower sprouts, tomato wedges, carrot stars and lettuce.

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Bento #291

I know I know – I haven’t vanished off the face of the Earth, I’m just busy in the endspurt of a big coding project at work. The crunch is now and I just can’t get any mojo for cooking… *sighs*

Couscous with sundried tomatos and parsley on lettuce, cauliflower, tomato wedges, marinated and fried tofu and zucchini, carrot flowers, sunflower sprouts and ajvar in the bear cup.

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