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I am really looking forward to this month being over, not only in terms of work but also because then maybe I’ll have time to make pretty-looking bentos again!

I made veggie tortillas tonight and packed the leftovers.
Big bowl (right): stirfried broccoli, asparagus, sweet corn, brown champignons, bell pepper, leek, red onion and grape tomatoes (mmm leftover veggies), a few carrot strips and some cheese.
Small bowl (left): More carrot strips, homemade guacamole, grated cheese and (storebought) salsa rolled up in some carrots as separator, and some grape tomato pieces.
Dessert: Pocky and a chocolate my grandma sent me.

I am taking a (storebought) corn tortilla too, but since I don’t want it to be soggy, it’s rolled up in aluminium foil. You can see it on the right of the picture, but it’s not pretty so I left it out of focus.

Veggie tortillas are really easy and quick, but incredibly tasty as alternative to meaty or soy-meat filled tortillas. In fact, I prefer them to both alternatives – I like my tortillas filled with chunkier stuff than meatsauce, and am always a bit suspicious towards meat replacements (the last soy-tortilla stuffing I bought was awful!). The trick is to stirfry the vegetables in a very hot (preferably castiron) pan or wok, and not to salt them until last – I find salt makes them release their juice and makes the whole thing soggy.
Good vegetables to use: red and yellow bell peppers, zucchini, leek or onion chunks, sweet corn, beans, champignon mushrooms, eggplant (and anything you might have left over, see above).
Spice with: freshly-ground pepper, chili, garlic, freshly-chopped basil leaves.
Sauces and condiments to stuff the tortilla: Guacamole, sour cream/yoghurt, hot salsa, grated or shaved carrots, romaine lettuce, grated cheese (any yellow cheese will do).


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This will be my last bento before the holidays, so merry christmas/hanukkah/whatever you celebrate at this time of year to you all!

Upper tier: Fried mixed veggies with a bit of chili sauce, decorated with cheese and a lime.
Lower tier: Herb tortilla christmas trees!, more cheese and a zucchini christmas tree.
Bowl: A bit of salsa and thick yoghurt (I prefer yoghurt to sourcream) in a minicontainer.

Not that festive… I had good ideas, but way too much to do to make many bentos recently. Oh well. See you after the twelfth day!


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I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun I won't make a stupid pun…

Top tier: Chili sin(?) carne (vegetarian chili), cheese decoration, cucumber and bell pepper bells.
Bottom tier: Rice colored with some black rice and some squished avocado “guacamole”, grape tomato flowers and another cucumber bell as decoration.
Wrapped up on the top of the picture: three wheat tortillas.

The boyfriend hates beans so he just got riceballs. Boo!


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Backdated Bento #15

I ended up going for Sushi with my colleagues today so half of this bento is still uneaten ^^;
But I'm gonna eat it for dinner!

* Chili-like stuff (corn, bell pepper, ground yellow zucchini and red onions in a chili sauce), decorated with cheese and a sprig of thai basil. But the pretty cheese cutout melted before I could take a picture :(
* Tortilla rolls with cheese, avocado
* Strawberries and chocolate
* Cup of noodles
* Miniyoghurt.


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