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Chard and feta strudel, halloumi, garlic and mint yoghurt, grilled pickled peppers and an olive on parsley leaves and a bed of couscous.

Here’s a picture of the strudel on a plate. It was yum! The pink stuff is caramelised red onions, and the chard is steamed with some red wine and raisins.

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The BF ordered more of that delicious chard and feta strudel, so I was happy to oblige.
Other than that, the box contains Maché salad, a red easter egg and a cut-up slice of Osterpinze with grandma’s homemade apricot marmelade.

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Bento eleventy-one! (<-huge geek)

Strudel made from bok choy and feta, green salad with pickled grilled bell pepper, pumpkin pie.

Spinach and Swiss chard strudels are simple, but lovely. I tried it with bok choy (chinese cabbage) this time, which gave the whole thing a very nice, firm texture.
Wash one medium-big head of bok choy and cut the leaves into strips (I didn’t bother with the stalks but stopped cutting once I had chopped away all the green).
In a wide pan, sauté some leek in olive oil (garlic not mandatory but recommended). Throw in the bok choy/spinach/chard/whichever leaf pleases you and fry it a little until it starts to wilt. Add some salt and pepper (and herbs if you wish) to taste. Take the pan off the heat, put on a lid and let the leaf steam itself for a while.
Whisk 2-3 eggs (I used the eggwhite I had left over from the pie plus two more eggs) and crumbled Feta (add more herbs if you feel like more whoosh) in a bowl. Pour over the leaves and mix well, but take care not to cook the egg.
Spread out a stack of 2-3 leaves of phyllo dough on a baking pan. Spoon the leaf-egg-feta mixture onto the side facing you, about as wide as you plan to roll, and leaving a bit of a rim for easier rolling and along the side.
Roll (I use the baking sheet to help me rolling, it’s almost like making phyllo sushi).
Fold in the corners, glue with some leftover egg, spread some egg on top and pop it in the oven at 225deg C. When the dough is golden, the egg should be done too, but check.

I made pumpkin pie after all! I used this recipe from BBC.co.uk, but made the pie shell myself. Normal shortbread dough is too simple to warrant buying it in a shop!

Now I know why this is supposed to be an aphrodisiac – with all the spices, how can it not be!
The taste is… interesting. I am not sure I like the smoothness of the texture (is it possible to just squish the pumpkin roughly with a fork instead of puréeing it?) but the sweet bottom and the fruity, mild filling work well together. I think I should have used more pumpkin though, although it could also have to do with the fact that pumpkin in March is probably not at its ripest (even for French pumpkin)! The smell is lovely and even better when you rewarm it, even though that might be my nose being clogged by all the spices during baking. The pumpkin seems to come out more then.
The leaf on top is Thai basil – the liqorice taste works surprisingly well together with the pie!

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