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Wishing you all a lovely Easter, a few days of rest and relaxation and a fantastic time!

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The BF ordered more of that delicious chard and feta strudel, so I was happy to oblige.
Other than that, the box contains MachĂ© salad, a red easter egg and a cut-up slice of Osterpinze with grandma’s homemade apricot marmelade.

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Ooh, do I ever have a backlog from stuff I did this weekend. Expect some spam today!

On Saturday, I attempted to make a traditional Austrian easter bun, called Osterpinze. It’s a soft, sweet yeastdough bun that’s usually presented with a dyed easter egg baked into the middle.
You can find a recipe and a much better writeup of Austrian easter traditions here: http://foodblog.paulchens.org/?p=763 (sadly the writer has disabled comments, because I’d really like to comment and thank them…)
I actually only used 250g of flour, and found a recipe that had the proper proportions of the other ingredients to it. Since it was a test run, only 2 Pinzen were made, but they were a success, so I’m definitely going to make more during the week!

Before baking…

Anyway, apparently eggs aren’t dyed all over in Sweden like they are in Austria, but rather painted on. Since this recipe kind of needs a prettily coloured egg that won’t poison the rest of the bun though, I had a bit of trouble finding the proper dye. In the end, I did find some German cold-coloring. It was… well…

…and after

Why does my egg look like something from Alien now?!?

Right. We’ll see how the second batch becomes. I think blue, what do you think?

PS: It still tasted good, and it’s in my bento today as well!

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