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Fried Halloumi, homegrown cherry tomatos, candy, and a homegrown mini pepper stuffed with feta/yoghurt spread on rucola and parsley.
The couscous is mixed with boiled quinoa and Amaranth grain, which isn’t just pretty but also tastes deliciously nutty!

…Happiness is a warm cake…

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Looking for recipes: Quinoa

I’ve cooked quinoa several times now. I’ve found out that I rather like the nutty taste and texture of the grain. Since it has a lot of protein, it’s a welcome addition to my veggie kitchen.
Yesterday, I’ve tried microwave cooking it, based on the assumption that if rice works, quinoa must work too. It got great, actually – it takes slightly longer than rice, about 10 minutes for a cup, and needs to be steamed off afterwards, but gets nicely al dente.

I just have one problem: I can’t seem to find any really interesting recipes on what to do with it. It tastes well enough on its own, but the second I try to mix it into a salad it’s just not that great any more. Maybe it’s the dressing – vinaigrette doesn’t seem to work at all, and I’m not too fond of creamy dressings. With balsamic vinegar, it gets watery and bitter immediately, even if there was no bitterness in the original grain.
Meeta posted a recipe for quinoa soup the other day, but I must admit that it just doesn’t speak to me. It’s not something I could imagine having on my place and eating with gusto. Sorry, Meeta!
Then I have seen recipes that try to use it as a couscous or other grain replacement. But there’s something in me that’s deeply suspicious of “replacement” foods just because they’re better for vegetarians.

So what do I want?
I want something that celebrates the taste of quinoa in itself and adds other tastes to it that make a good flavour and texture combination. It does not have to be vegan, but it should be vegetarian. It can be any kind of food, otherwise – no restrictions at all!
Is there anybody out there who can help me out with a nice recipe?

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