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Fried Halloumi, homegrown cherry tomatos, candy, and a homegrown mini pepper stuffed with feta/yoghurt spread on rucola and parsley.
The couscous is mixed with boiled quinoa and Amaranth grain, which isn’t just pretty but also tastes deliciously nutty!

…Happiness is a warm cake…

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Upper layer: Couscous with curry powder and spring onions sprinkled on top
Lower layer: Eggplant caponata (with white eggplant!), a bundle of yellow bell pepper, a bundle of rucola, tiny fishy of balsamico for the greens, basil as decoration.
And some hidden dark chocolate almonds :)

The couscous is organic and local-grown. Really nice.
The rucola and basil are growing on my windowsill ^^; Not enough for the localgrown contest yet, but still delicious.
And the whole thing could be vegan if I hadn’t used butter in the couscous. Mmm, butter. And cinnamon and curry powder.

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