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When just randomly picking a bunch of lettuces, herbs and veg from my windowsill looks this good…

…it calls for a nice salad with mozzarella, balsamico vinaigrette and a lovely glass of white wine to round it off, right?


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New bento coming later today, I forgot to upload the picture this morning ^^;
In the meanwhile, have a status update of this spring’s plants and flowers!

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Gardening update, 2009-08-02

(At least) One of the seeds we planted from Donatello‘s harvest last year has now gotten chilies itself.
They don’t look like Donatello. They aren’t even approximately conical, but remain short round knobs. Also, they start out orange, then become dark purple later.

…we have a Michelangelo.


* I never learned the colours of the Ninja Turtles when I was a kid because I thought they were interchangeable just like Huey, Dewey and Louie (Tick, Trick and Track in German). I had to look it up on Wiki to see what I should name them.
** It’ll be a while before I can breed a blue chili, I fear…

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Mm… there’s not really anything that beats food grown in your own home. Jalapeños, cherry tomatoes, rucola and basil, all homegrown. (Bought the mozarella and the baguette, due to a certain lack of buffalo around here and being out of flour :) )

I have a few old-ish pictures to post too, so keep an eye out for more stuff coming soon. I’m not dead, just not very inspired recently. Hope this changes soon!

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Weekend post – gardening update

I sent these pictures to my mom last week and judging from her reply they were obviously approved!
So I thought I’d post them here as well :)

Even though it’s November I’m still harvesting yellow cherry tomatos. Yay! I’ll wait until those last ones are ripe before taking the plants down, maybe they’ll be up long enough for grandma to see them when she visits.

We also harvested a lot more chilies, some red so we could save the seeds for next year, some green for thai-style dishes.

I really love how some of those curl up :)

And here’s the result of the blue potatoes that had grown out in the fridge and that I planted on a whim. They weren’t big but they sure were tasty! (I mixed them with quartered yellow potatoes and ovenbaked them after taking the picture.)

For an experiment nobody thought it would work, not bad. Next year I’ll probably buy small plants instead of going from seeds though, it seems less hassle.

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NaNoMangO is a LiveJournal community dedicated to the same idea as NaNoWriMo – but with comics! You write 30 comics in 30 days, on which topic does not matter.
Here’s one of mine…

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So far, only one zucchini actually is growing. I must have failed with the dusting on the others.
Still, a success! It should be ready to eat in a few days. Yay!

And – oh dear, the purple-rimmed bell pepper flowers…

…seem to make purple-black peppers! I didn’t expect that! I certainly didn’t buy black pepper seeds…
They’re pretty, though.

Everything else is still growing well. Nothing new about the tomatoes – a few more buds, a few more blossoms. There are some pretty red chilies now, which I will harvest and freeze soon. Also bought some more pots for repotting the other zucchinis and tomatoes.

PS: Oh! There is one strawberry plant that made it. It’s stretching out its little creepers everywhere now – it will get its own pot soon!

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