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Bio-Bengelchen Betthupferl-Tee/Cheeky Cherubs Bedtime Sweets Herbal Tea Blend: Lemon Balm, Blackberry leaves, Elderflower, thyme, verbena, calendula, sunflower leaves, bluebottle blossoms.

Cheeky Cherub Merlin kindly agreed to model for this tea promising just the right amount of sweetness before bedtime :)
It is, as tea #9, quite similar to our regular teas from Sonnentor and rather lovely even in bagged form. Definitely one to keep, even if the ingredient list made me consult the dictionary and wiki a few times :)

And what does our model think?


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Basen-Ausgleich Kräutertee/Base Harmony herbal tea blend: Lemon balm, blue malva, blackberry leaves, curly mint, lime tree blossoms, elderflower, bluebottle blossoms.

“Base Harmony”? Is that something like base cowardice? (And who makes up the names of those teas anyway?)
But after a round of silly comments on the naming, the tea is actually quite pleasant. It starts out a deep green (not that you could see it in this picture) and is quite close in taste to our regular Sonnentor looseleaf teas.

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Wieder gut! Eine Mütze voll Schlaf/It’s All Good! Sweet Dreams herbal tea blend: yarrow, lemon balm, blackberry leaves, lavender, orange peel, fennel.

The strong lavender note quite overpowers all other flavours in this tea. If you like lavender, this is definitely a nice tea. If it reminds you of your grandma’s pillow cover, maybe not. :)

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Bio-Bengelchen Schnupfnasen-Tee/Cheeky Cherubs Breathe Easy herbal tea blend: Curly mint, sage, chamomile, thyme, elderflowers, lime-tree blossoms and licorice.

Quite a nice tea, though I can’t tell about the breathe easy part of it. The chamomile and herbs are nice and the licorice not too intrusive this time. Definitely useful.

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Advent-Tee/Santa’s Secret fruit tea blend: Apple, hibiscus, rose hip, cinnamon, pear, quince, orange peel, cloves and vanilla.

A fruity tea with a very very christmassy smell. The body wasn’t as strong as I would have wished but the smell – indescribable. It just hits christmas time perfectly!
I think this would be nice with some sugar or honey to counteract the tartness of the various fruit and bring out the spices more.

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Wieder Gut! Frosch im Hals/It’s all good Soothing Throat herbal tea blend: lime-tree blossoms, elderflowers, rose hip, ribwort and mallow (doesn’t specify what sort).

…I really wanted this one to work. Because “frog in your throat” is such a cute name :)
But sadly, it seems to taste of soup. And since I currently don’t have a frog in my throat, I can’t vouch for its effectiveness.

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Früchtetraum/Fruit Delight fruit tea blend: hibiscus, rose hip, apple and raspberry pieces, vanilla.

A lovely fruit tea with a strong berry flavour. More, please!

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