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Bento #309

Back from summer break with this fresh salad bento!
Quinoa marinated with basil oil, vinegar and onions, homegrown rucola, a sundried tomato, homegrown bell pepper and cherry tomato, and corn-on-the-cob flowers. Parsley decoration.

It’s good to be back! Now if I hadn’t forgotten this box at home…

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Bento #291

I know I know – I haven’t vanished off the face of the Earth, I’m just busy in the endspurt of a big coding project at work. The crunch is now and I just can’t get any mojo for cooking… *sighs*

Couscous with sundried tomatos and parsley on lettuce, cauliflower, tomato wedges, marinated and fried tofu and zucchini, carrot flowers, sunflower sprouts and ajvar in the bear cup.

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I’m really really sorry. I was aiming for cute animals. But I’m apparently just not a cute person. And my creative brain knows how to grab on to a good visual pun and run with it.
I don’t even listen to KISS.

Anyway. KISS onigiri on lettuce, corncob flowers, veggie dumplings, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, steamed butternut squash, bottle of soy, packet of furikake and some Japanese star candy (konpeitou) as dessert.

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Grr – and I didn’t make a celebratory bento! I’m going to have to do that tomorrow.

I’m not sure my BF will be able to eat this… creepy forest spirits made of cheese on 3 mushroom rice. (By the way, this is not a good dish for mixing different types of rice. The cooking time difference makes the recipe not work well :/)

Since I’m gonna eat bento both morning and evening tomorrow, I made a whopping 4(!) different bentos tonight! Weekend cooking + weekend leftovers make for lots of bento ingredients, luckily.

Also for the BF. Halloumi sandwiches with homemade half-wholemeal buns, lettuce, onion and tomato, and a marble box of falafel, croquette balls, brussel sprouts and a cherry tomato. The dog contains Ajvar and mayo.

The box is new and has a cute cartoon character on the front, Petterson and Findus (Findus is the cat). There is also a tray that fits in it, but I took it out to fit the sandwiches.

My sandwich is accompanied by couscous salad decorated with a tomato and parsley flower, and a fizzy lemon sherbet candy for afterwards.

And my lunch menu contains leftovers from the curry cookoff yesterday: Bell pepper curry on rice, and plantain curry with grapes and a cherry tomato in the upper layer.

I’ve never had plantains before! They are quite nice – somewhat like potatoes, but without the typical “boiled potato” taste. They smell nicely of banana, too. I used this recipe and I heartily recommend it!

So much for my cooking adventures this week! How about you?

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I love the internet

Because when Dad randomly sent me a Google doc with Jamie Oliver’s Pumpkin á la Hamilton recipe, it took me about five seconds to realize “Hey! I have all the ingredients for that!”

And then half an hour to prepare and snap photos before it went into the oven!

And 75 minutes later, there was a delicious sweet stuffed butternut squash dinner on my plate.


(not posting the recipe because it’s Jamie’s – but if you want to know I might mail it over to you.
Some of my comments if you do own the recipe: The raw pumpkin seeds don’t add anything much – I wouldn’t bother with putting them in. The stuffing needs a lot of salt so the rice and flesh can soak it up while cooking, so oversalt it a little before putting it into the squash. And definitely use Arborio, not Basmati rice :) )

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The vegan stew is making an appearance again – this time with sihmeji and enoki mushrooms. Then there’s tomatoes, carrots, a dumpling and a mini muffin, and rice in the top layer.
I somehow really like the look of the lower layer, I can’t really explain why but the colours and the look of the little muffin in there make me happy :)

The main dish is vegan, but not the bento. Muffins are kind of hard to make without egg.

The recipe is not mine, but immaeatchu‘s I Can’t Believe I Ate Vegan Dobu Jorim. Sadly the page the recipe is on does not contain any photos any more, as the blog has moved to WordPress since. But lots of people ask me for the recipe, so I thought I should link it.

BF gets the same in a square box.

And here’s a gratuituous image of how it looked like for dinner :D

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Big box (background): 3 Inarizushi, avocado, 1 red baby plum tomato, 1 tiny yellow tomato that grew on my windowsill, fishy with soy sauce.
Small box (foreground): 2 leek dumplings, stirfried snow peas with szechuan pepper and soy, raw carrot strips with sesame and a fishy with Chinese vinegar and sesame oil dressing on lettuce.

I finally got around to making inarizushi. And I made enough rice to stuff some for a bento and possibly some more for freezing/later bentos! (There is still a cup of rice or so unused in my fridge, but I got tired of making sushi.)

BF gets the same, but his box is less organized. There’s also some raw cucumber, and no condiments because he eats it at home anyway.

And a gratuituous sushi photo. Drool!

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