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The zucchini monsters were outgrowing the starter greenhouse quickly!

The beef and cherry tomatoes are also coming along nicely. By Sunday the Zucchini were scraping along the roof of the greenhouse though, so I knew I needed to replant them.
Now, I’m not a morning person. I can’t brain before three cups of tea or other caffeinated beverage. Times before 10:00 AM are not valid times for me.
So can somebody explain to me why my brain thought it was a good idea to get up at 6:30 and tell me “You know, now would be a good time to get some replanting done”?
Urgh. Too tired to argue with my brain at this time, I climbed out of bed. Some dirt and planter pots later…

That starter pot is perfect for getting the roots out of, since it has airholes in the bottom. Just poke up through them and pull out the cone of dirt and roots. The ground does get a bit loose though. I think the zucchini might have wanted a wider base, since they started to spread out their roots into each other’s pots.
Anyway, now the babies are repotted. Let’s hope they survive over easter. Will have to make them ride shotgun with me in the car when we go visit family.
Do they look OK? We’ll see how they’re doing when I get home…

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The tomatoes (both cherry and beef) are now sprouting too!
No sign of the physalis or peppers yet (but the chilis took a bit longer to sprout, so I’m not that worried).

Now for a slightly unappetizing photo, sorry guys!
But when I checked the spinach today, it had sprouted – and the “mold” is only on the root of the plants. And now I’m insecure – since it’s only on the roots, it may either be that the seeds are mouldy (thus the spinach would be screwed) or that it’s actually part of the plant.

A quick Google image search brought up several pictures of sprouting spinach, some with slight hairs on the roots, but none as, well, mouldy-looking as this. So probably it is mold.
But I’m keeping this up overnight in hope of hints, then I’ll probably throw the whole pot out.

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Look what greeted me tonight!

It’s the zucchini seeds that are sprouting first – I’m actually getting a little worried about the zucchini. I remember how huge the plants were in the garden! Will we survive or will the jungle eat us?

In bad news though, the growing box for the spinach is not as well ventilated – the dirt in it was molding. I tried to remove the mouldy spot yesterday, but new mold has grown today. I fear I’ll have to throw it all out and start over *sigh*
What did I do wrong? Should I have left open a spot of the greenhouse lid for air and ventilation?

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