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Today I finally managed to get properly in on the green challenge!
Maki rolls with cucumber, avocado, leek and mayo, inarizushi, broccoli, lettuce and kiwis.

My own box.

When making sushi, I always hate that the rice takes so long to cool. I don’t premake the sushi rice, so it makes me seriously antsy having to choose between burning my fingers and crinkling the nori and having to wait aaaaaages for the rice to cool down! Today I’ve figured out a neat little trick to cool down sushi rice quickly AND save time for rolling maki rolls:

Spread out some rice thinly on a small cutting board. I have one that’s exactly the width of a nori leaf, and about 2-3 cm shorter in the other dimension. Perfect!
Put a sheet of plastic foil on top of the rice. Pop it into the freezer and stack something frozen on it.
Take out after a minute, pull off the sheet (all moisture seemed to stick to the plastic instead of the rice for me, practically) and press the cutting board upside own onto the nori. The rice comes off it easily (I used a spoon to poke it a bit where it resisted), leaving a 1,5cm margin on either side perfect for stacking the veggies and sealing.
Rinse, repeat for each sheet of nori.

Mwahaha… I’m a laziness genius! Right? Right? :D

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Big box (background): 3 Inarizushi, avocado, 1 red baby plum tomato, 1 tiny yellow tomato that grew on my windowsill, fishy with soy sauce.
Small box (foreground): 2 leek dumplings, stirfried snow peas with szechuan pepper and soy, raw carrot strips with sesame and a fishy with Chinese vinegar and sesame oil dressing on lettuce.

I finally got around to making inarizushi. And I made enough rice to stuff some for a bento and possibly some more for freezing/later bentos! (There is still a cup of rice or so unused in my fridge, but I got tired of making sushi.)

BF gets the same, but his box is less organized. There’s also some raw cucumber, and no condiments because he eats it at home anyway.

And a gratuituous sushi photo. Drool!

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Salmon roe and avocado slices on sushi rice (decorated with some spring onion and black sesame), soy fishy on top of wakame salad, a pickled ginger rose, and 2 inarizushi as dessert.

The BF gets the same and some leftover teriyaki salmon (smeared with a miso mixture before baking, which is REALLY delicious!) on a salad leaf.

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I dyed more eggs yesterday… then the weird idea rode me to make blue sushi rice. Why, I’ll never know.
It became a LOT as well, so the freezer is full of blue riceballs now…
The rolls are wrapped in tiny seasoned nori cut in half, as that was all I had left, and filled with carrot strips, leek and mayo. Then there’s some ginger and wasabi to the side, eggroll made from only eggwhites (the yolks went into baking…), broccoli and pad thai leftover from dinner. And a fishy with soy sauce :)
I just remembered that I forgot to bring chopsticks. Grr. Eating sushi with a fork just seems so wrong

The boyfriend gets sushi, a blue riceball and sashimi, as I got tired of rolling rice at 12 AM.

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