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Back to the pasta bentos – penne (actually girandole) with creamy sundried tomato sauce, pine nuts and rucola. Some more rucola and cherry tomatoes in the back, a fishy with balsamico vinegar and some grapes as dessert.

The recipe is stolen from a restaurant here – it’s one of my favourite dishes there.
You need (2 persons + bento):
300-400g penne pasta
ca. 3 sundried tomato pieces (I use those in oil)
Flour and cream for the white sauce
A few leaves of fresh rucola (rocket) salad
Salt, pepper, fresh parmesan cheese (if you only have canned, pre-grated one, leave it out. It’s not good.)

Chop the sundried tomaotes finely or puree them. Make a white (bechamel) sauce using the oil that the tomatos were pickled in as fat for the roux, drop the tomatoes in and cook for a bit so the sauce takes up the flavour.
Cook pasta al dente. Rinse and toss with the sauce for a bit.
Serve with dry roasted pine nuts, grated fresh parmesan (again: don’t use any if you don’t have fresh one!) and rucola on top. For non-vegetarians, the restaurant serves it with some slices of airdried parma ham.
Very simple and delicious!

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