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This isn’t a proper bento at all, just some breakfast for a train trip – but I just had to post it, because I’m sooo going down memory lane with that one.
I used to get Kinder Milk-Slices (not my translation, that’s what’s written on the packet!) all the time when I was a kid. I haven’t had one in ages – I didn’t really think they existed here before I found one in the supermarket, where I was idly looking for some quick and cheap yoghurt to bring on the trip. When I saw it, I knew I had to make a blogpost to gush about it. *grins*
I wonder if it will still taste like I remember it? Or will it be one of those things that make you wonder about your tastes as a kid?

Of course, the thing that goes best with a Milchschnitte is a beautiful red apple.
And yoplait lemon yoghurt is also definitely awesome, though I didn’t have it that much as a kid maybe – I remember it being a rare delicacy or possibly something you got on vacation.
There’s Muesli in the plastic box which is my own addition. With chocolate and nuts, my favourite type!

The only thing I wish had existed when I was a kid was the smoothie I’m bringing on the side – smoothies are great! Why weren’t they invented yet then?

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