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I seem to be on a vegan roll with my lunchboxes this week…!
The big container holds 1/3 spiced mixed rices (black longgrain, parboiled, red, white roundgrain, brown roundgrain), 1/3 red lentils boiled with turmeric and raisins, and 1/3 palak paneer tofu – spinach curry with tofu and green peppers. You can’t get paneer here and I’ve not attempted to make it myself yet, so I replaced it with tofu. Works ok, I guess, though it should have simmered longer to make the tofu take up more of the curry’s taste and saltiness.
The small container holds candy easter eggs (of questionable vegan status), lettuce, sugar snap peas, red pepper strips and a baby plum tomato.

The recipe for the curry is again adapted from The Indian Restaurant Cookbook – it had no proper palak paneer recipe but I adapted its spinach curry for it.

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Thermos container holds rice (half jasmine, half a parboiled/black longgrain mix) and veggie curry with red onion, bell pepper, cauliflower and zucchini. Decoration is onion and coriander.
The side box holds a silicone muffin cup with a salad heart and tomato cubes in yoghurt dressing, and curry fried potato cubes with peas.

All the recipes in this box are from Pat Chapman’s The Modern Indian Restaurant Cookbook, which was my Christmas present from a British friend. I can’t say that I have mastered curry yet, but thanks to the book it’s definitely getting better!
It’s not a vegetarian book, but still a very good reference and contains all the basics you need to know about curry cooking. Very recommendable!

I love curry and it makes great lunchboxes, but I always find it looks untidy and not very presentable. It’s annoying actually – therefore I challenge YOU to make a tidy-looking Indian curry bento!
There won’t be any prizes, but it’ll satisfy my curiosity, and I will of course link to any interesting bentos/tiffins that you link me!

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