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Quick update

Notexactlybento.com’s photo contest is up for voting now!

Go give it a look and vote (and of course I’d be happy if it was for me! *grins*)
For the record, my entries are this and this.


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Not Exactly Bento is holding a bento photo contest, and of course I couldn’t help entering.

The premise is simple and one that I heartily agree with:

The purpose of this contest is to share with everyone what you feel is your most visually appealing bento…the bento picture you’ve taken! This is the bento you sometimes think, “Boy, that one was really good. I should do that one again.” Or it is the bento that when you see the picture again you think how great that bento looked and then you begin to salivate.

It took me a while to decide on which bentos to share. In the end, I decided on one for the contents specifically, and one for the absolutely sexy closeup photo.
Interestingly enough, the two have similar contents. Hm, do I sense a theme?

Bento #82 – Tapas Olé!

Tapas prawns, spanish omelette, olives, roast mushrooms, aioli, salsa, asparagus spears, raw bell peppers, tomatos and salad.

Bento # 89: Fruits of the forest

Spanish potato omelette again, freshly picked forest berries on yoghurt (frozen to keep better), cherry tomato salad and olives.
This one always makes me hungry when I see it =.= It’s not such a great photo but I love it anyway.

There were some runners-up that didn’t make it in. If you think I should switch at the last minute, kick me!


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I aten’t dead

Not dead yet. I’ve been moving apartments in the last weeks and didn’t have the opportunity to cook, much less post.

There will be a bento post up tonight, and I had another bento last week that I haven’t posted because it seemed kind of runty on its own.

In the meanwhile, does anyone have good resources or blogs about indoor gardening?

-the were rabbit

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This bento contains:

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It is now as dark as it will get here in Sweden. Until christmas is over, the actual time of light for a day only differs for a minute or two.
The sun is a hand’s width from the horizon at 12:00 PM. (That’s 7.5°, thanks heavens-above.com!) The light is yellowish, if there are no clouds. It rises at 8:40 and sets again at 2:49.
Dark? Dark.

How do the swedes not go crazy?
Ahahahahaahah! Ahahaha!!! Ahahahaahahaahahahah!!!!!

I mean of course, they have an incredible love for light. There is light and warm colours everywhere in their homes. Almost every window is lit with a small lamp at any evening in the year, but in christmas time, they go overboard.
Those little light triangles are really in every window, from your grandmother’s little red cottage to the car factories and skyscrapers. They get lit in the beginning of advent and are not removed until after christmas. And since they are either not turned off or, in these energy-conscious times, are on timers, they will be lighting you the way when you come home! It looks so nice and welcoming to come home to a warm light burning in the window. Brightens my winter mood every time!

I wanted to write something about advent wreaths and candles in Austria too, but I was still too lazy to get out my old external HD, so this shall be a story for another advent day…

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I’m not dead yet

I haven’t been home for more than crashing to sleep in over two weeks now. Bentos will resume once I get my life back from work-related travel.

In the meanwhile, have a link to Free Rice, an amazing initiative to end both world hunger and secondary illiteracy.

See you later! *waves*

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I’m getting really weird pingbacks on my latest post. They look like spamblogs, or really random link collections. Anybody know what they are and if they are a danger? (If so, how do I get rid of them?)

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